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Evaluation and Evidence-Based Research (Essay Sample)


1. Why is an evaluation plan important? What does it determine? (3 reference)
2. Why is it important to disseminate not only research findings, but also evidence-based practice project findings? (3 reference)


Evaluation and Evidence-Based Research
Institutional Affiliation
Evaluation and Evidence-Based Research
Evaluation Plans
As far as healthcare is concerned, evaluation is an important role in determining the success or failure of an intervention or approach. This is because evaluation provides an avenue through which recommendations made by research can be carefully monitored and assessed after implementation to ascertain whether they achieve what they promise to (Persily, 2013). In this sense, having a clear evaluation plan is an integral part of nursing and healthcare practice as far as interventions or evidence-based remedies are concerned.
Seeing as the nature of evaluation can often vary depending on the remedy or evidence-based practice under evaluation, evaluation plans should be developed to suit the specific design and goals of the remedy or practice in question. As such, having a documented plan on how certain aspects of the remedy will be measured, how often they will be measured, as well as the expected improvements among other factors is vital to conducting an effective and complete evaluation (Duncan, 2014). This evaluation provides valuable data on the remedy or intervention that not only helps improve the approach in question, but also serves as a feedback mechanism on the success or failure of the remedy or intervention under evaluation.
Because of this, an evaluation plan works well to determine how approaches, interventions, and evidence-based recommendations can be applied and improved to meet the core needs of specific healthcare populations and conditions (Hickey & Brosnan, 2012). By doing so, a good evaluation plan contributes towards the improvement of data collected on the remedy or approach being studied and subsequently on the effectiveness of these interventions on achieving their intended goals. In essence, an evaluation plan determines how successful an intervention or clinical approach will be in achiev

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