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Special project (Essay Sample)

I will attach all the needed instructions as files and documents, all the instructions is on page 81 and 82 . i have to choice one of the topic on the page 82 so please write the one that you think you can write your best so if you have any question please let me know. thanks again source..
Special Reports Name: Institution: Many of the countries around the world today, the number of the senior citizens are growing at an alarming rate and this is putting much pressure on the governments. While some of the governments especially in the developed nations have found lasting solutions for their older generations, some others are struggling with this generation. India is one such country that has not been in a position to address this issue with finality. Although when comparing it to the other developing countries, it can be said to be relatively improved on the life expectance rate, the programs for the elderly are not as developed. The programs need to address a number of issues, such as the long-term health care, physical disability among other challenges that the older generations are facing. The last few years starting from the year 2008, has been quite challenging for the nation, as it battled with the economic crisis. As a result the nation’s attention to the elderly assistance programs has been struggling under the weight of the rising population and dwindling resources. It is for this reason that I have always felt within me that, this issues need to be addressed, with reforms to the programs. It is a passion of mine that I may one day start my career in the field of social work. Where I will be dealing with the elderly and I can get a chance to contribute to a lasting solution to this challenge. The situation may be aggravated by the rising population of the elderly and the weak programs. It is for this sole reason that I felt compelled to apply at the University of Toronto, for the graduate program that they offer. With the well-founded program and vast resources, I will gain the necessary knowhow and skills set, such that I can return to India and contribute to the reforms in the current programs. It is my sincere believe that I am prepared for the graduate program. This program will help me greatly diversify my in-depth knowledge in the field as I take courses that are advanced in psychotherapy, psychology, statistics, sociology, social theories and research methodology in social sciences. The university has the best programs coupled with highest standards of research facilities that any student would dream of in the pursuit of higher education. The interest that I have developed over the years for the elderly started when I was growing up. I spent a lot of time growing up around my grandmother, as my grandfather had died of lung cancer before I was born. Among these, my values as a person were developing aspects which would impact on my personality. She also taught me about the ups and downs of life, telling me to maintain my dignity and personality regardless of the situation that I found myself. To help me understand she would give me her life experiences, situations where she had excelled a...
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