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Ethical Issues in Decision Making Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Case Study Analysis #2
For this Assignment and all other subsequent Case Study Analysis assignments, you will be using the same analysis method described in Week 4.
Please select two cases from this week’s Learning Resources.
Assignment: 3–5 pages (1.5–2 pages per case study, 1 page for references)
Give a brief description of the ethical dilemma/situation.
Describe how individual, organizational, or situational causes—or a combination of the three—led to the situation, and explain the ethical principle/standard(s) violated in the case.
Explain how you arrived at your conclusion, including what decision-making model you utilized to inform your decision.
Describe your thoughts on reading the cases. For example, was the ethical dilemma/violation immediately obvious, ambiguous, or not really a violation/dilemma?
Was the outcome what you expected? Why or why not?
Did you see yourself, personally or professionally, in any of the characters/situations? Explain.


Ethical issues in decision making
Institutional affiliation Ethical issues in decision making
There are two scenarios in the first case, the vice president of the HR asks the compensation manager to prepare a bonus plan for the all the staff if the company meets its revenue goals. The compensation manager consults the psychologist, and they both come up with a proposal that is presented to the executive members who pass it. It, however, reaches the employees and they are quite excited about it. Midway through the first year of the bonus plan the company reported that it would reach its revenue goals and most likely not reach its profits goals. In this case, the bonus plan was to be removed, and only the executive members would receive benefits and not junior staff. The compensation manager consulted again with the psychologist who rejected the new idea of only awarding bonuses to executive staff and leaving the junior team. The vice president of HR presented this to the board, and the decision was reversed. It was agreed that the juniors would have their bonuses as well. The psychologist argued that it would demoralize the juniors since the revenue targets had been accomplished. The second scenario presents a case where senior staff members are unable to work together. Their boss asks the company psychologist to intervene, but she is committed elsewhere. She decides to look for external assistance to solve the issue. She contacts a consultant who agrees to help though he h...
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