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English as a Global Language of communication (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on English as a Global Language

English as a Global Language Essay What is David Crystal English as a global language? It’s safe to say that English has become the best language of communication. Calling it a global language won’t be wrong since it is spoken, written and understood in almost all parts of the world. Whether you live in China, the United States, Pakistan, Africa, Canada or Europe, you will always be required to speak to people around you. While in China, you may not be able to speak Chinese since it is not spoken and understood worldwide. The spread of English as a universal language was the result of all these things. In every part of the world, every individual intends to learn the English language. The core benefits of English language are mentioned below. Easy to understand It is true that English is easy to speak, write and understand. Unlike Chinese, Japanese or another similar language, it takes a few weeks or months to learn the English language. In fact, it is easy to write an essay on the English language rather than writing an essay on Chinese or another similar language. In fact, in almost all parts of the world, the language institutions have been built where students are taught how to write, speak, listen and understand English. With the passage of time, this language is gaining a lot more popular than any other language since it is accepted worldwide. A favorite language of students Do you want to write an essay on English language? Students looking for admission at top schools, colleges and universities worldwide find it easy to speak English. It is easy for them to pass the language courses of English and this guarantees them success in the long run. In contrast, those who are unable to understand or write or speak English are never assured of admission, no matter how good their overall scores are. Thus, it can be said that English as a language is a must part of every student’s life. A language of sports Have you ever checked the softball outline? When you compare and contrast baseball and softball, you will get to know that every sportsman speaks and understands English, even when he belongs to Pakistan, India, the United States or another country of the world. in fact, it is must for every player to be able to speak th...
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