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Essentials Of Doctoral Education For Advanced Nursing Practice (Essay Sample)


Application of AACN (2006) DNP Essentials V-VIII to your CSP and future practice as a DNP prepared APRN


Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice
A nurse working in one of the most prestigious hospitals and with passion to help her patients to feel better, works efficiently. However, there are times when the nurses will develop fatigue. In some of the cases this is referred to as burnout. This is an aspect that can be described using three aspects (Morse, Salyers, Rollins, Monroe-DeVita, & Pfahler, 2011). These include emotional exhaustion, reduction in personal accomplishments and depersonalization. The emotional exhaustion part relates to the nurse feeling fatigued, overextended or depleted. Depersonalization on the other hand relates to the nurse developing a cynical or negative attitude towards their patients or simply the work environment in general (Morse, Salyers, Rollins, Monroe-DeVita, & Pfahler, 2011). The reduced sense of accomplishment is associated with the nurse evaluating their work and establishing that they are not effective relative to the standards that they have set-out for themselves. While in some of the cases this is an aspect that is considered as work stress, in some other cases it is considered as a mental impairment. Some of the health problems associated with burnouts are lethargy, backaches, headaches, fatigue insomnia and high blood pressure (Yuguero, Marsal, Esquerda, & Soler-González, 2017). Of importance in this paper is the high blood pressure that the staff develop when they are suffering burnouts.
For quality health care delivery, especially with reference to nurses that have advanced their educational background and taking their doctoral studies, the Essential of Doctoral Education are the corner stone. The future of health care delivery systems and ability of the nurses to reach their best potential is largely hinged on a number of pillars, among them the essentials numbered V, VI, VII and VIII (Michigan Health Council, 2016).
In reference to the Essential V; Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care, it is crucial to note the fact that policy framework define the efficiency in the health care delivery system across the country and even across the globe. With reference to the ability to advance as a DPN candidate, there is need to consider the impact that the current policies will have as part of an enabling platform towards even better health care delivery (DeCapua, 2017). As a DPN graduate, there are a number of leadership roles, such as designing, influencing and even implementation, which one can take to steer the profession in the right direction. Using this approach, it is then possible to make sure the element of burnouts is effectively handled. As a DPN, using the leadership authority, it is possible to create policies that address the issue of burnouts. This with reference to protecting the nurses from developing fatigue as they care for the patients as this is bound to eventually affect the quality of care and effectively the outcome of the patients. Creating policies that encourage collaborative care where the nurses have a chance to give insights about the quality of care they can deliver and to develop better strategies to help one another in delivering quality care. This is also a platform for the DPN to develop policies that better address the welfare of the nurses and strategies to help with fatigue, by maintaining creativity, innovation and evidence based practices with quality health care outcomes.
In reference to the sixth essential; Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health Outcomes, there is some significant impact on the health care delivery for nurses preparing for their DPN (Mississippi University for Women, 2017). This is especially the case when considering the element of nurses developing fatigue (Mayo Clinic, 2017). I...
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