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Ethnicization and Racialization (Essay Sample)

Objectives of the Pre-Paper In the pre-paper you will propose a topic and a thesis statement for your final paper. Your topic must be related to the group with whom you share an ethnicized or racialized identity (I am Irish). The topic must address some aspect of how this ethnicized or racialized identity is formed in Canada. For the pre-paper, you will consider that the concepts of race and ethnicity are used to create racialized and ethnicized groups. Your goal for the final paper is not to write an autobiography, but to analyze an aspect of the process through which an ethnicized or racialized identity has been assigned to the group with which you are identified. This ethnicized or racialized identity may have been formed in many ways, for example, through immigration, through the law, through religious practices, through a history of racism, through domination, through subordination, etcetera. In the pre-paper you should begin to think about how an ethnicized or racialized group is formed in Canada. REQUIRED ELEMENTS FOR THE PRE-PAPER Identify a topic. Describe your connection to the topic. Find two scholarly written sources outside of the course materials related to your topic. Thesis statement Explain the concept of ethnicization or racialization in relation to your topic. Defend your thesis statement using at least two scholarly written sources outside of the course material. Your contribution to the topic chosen and the study of ethnicized and racialized communities in Canada Technical Writing: correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, referencing, bibliography 1. READING Read two scholarly articles. For assistance in locating scholarly sources, consult with a librarian. 2. TOPIC (Two to three sentences maximum) Propose your topic at the beginning of the paper. Make sure that the topic is very clear and manageable for the final paper of 7-8 pages. Describe your connection to the topic. 3. THESIS STATEMENT (Two to three sentences maximum) Propose a thesis statement related to your topic. Make sure the thesis statement is clear and stated in your own words. A thesis statement is your central argument for the paper. Your thesis statement should be focused and coherent. The thesis statement will assist you in structuring the material for your final paper. 4. DISCUSS THE CONCEPT OF ETHNICIZATION OR RACIALIZATION (A half page maximum) Find a scholarly definition of the concept of ethnicization or racialization. Your definition of ethnicization or racialization must be taken from the course materials or from the scholarly social science literature. You must quote the definition of ethnicization or racialization directly from the source, give the complete reference for the definition, and explain the definition in your own words. In addition, explain how the concept of ethnicization or racialization is related to your topic. 5. SUPPORT YOUR THESIS STATEMENT (One page maximum) Use at least two scholarly sources. Provide evidence from the scholarly sources to support your argument. Make sure to provide complete references for all materials used and use academic referencing form. 6. CONCLUSION (One quarter page maximum) Conclude your paper by describing how your research will contribute to the topic you have chosen and to the topic of ethnicized and racialized communities in Canada. 7. WRITING The Pre-Paper must be written in essay form. Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, referencing, and bibliography are required. PROVIDE FULL REFERENCES AND USE AN ACADEMIC REFERENCING STYLE FOR ALL MATERIAL USED AND CITED. source..

Ethnicization and Racialization
The Irish experience in Canada represents attempts to uphold Irish identity in Canada and is different from there experience in America. Nonetheless, there is no distinct Irish identity as epitomized by differences between Protestant and Catholic immigrants to Canada. On one hand, “native Irishmen” were Catholics while British and Scottish descended Irishmen were mostly Protestants. These differences continued to manifest themselves among new immigrants in Canada where protestant immigrants tended to be wealthier as compared to Catholics. This paper argues that the history and experiences of Irish descended Catholics make them a distinct group from other communities and Irish Canadian Protestants.
One of the lingering aftermaths of the Irish famine was mass immigration to North America. Subsequently, in Canada Irishmen settled in large numbers and altered the demographics of Canada (See, 2000). Many Irish Catholics opposed the British led system in there homeland and had the same nationalism fervor in Canada which at the time was a British dominion. The Catholics formed a distinct group from the Protestants in Canada as they were seen to be peripheral Europeans in a Protestant dominated nation.
Equally, the perception that Catholics were the original inhabitants of Ireland came to be associated with fenianism as immigration increased. In essence, fenianism was a form of nationalism which opposed British domination in both Ireland and the new world including America and Canada. Catholic immigrants had less material endowments upon arrival in Canada and they lived in economically deprived areas. Because of political and economic hardshi...
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