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Hotel Law Suit (Essay Sample)

You just give me simple answers about questions. On, search "hotel lawsuit". Select one of the cases on that page and answer the following questions about it. It can be any kind of case against any hotel, and it's okay if the case is not over yet. If you have to answer "the article didn't say," then you need a new case or another resource. (Here are the questions) 1. What is the name and location of the hotel? 2. In 25 words or less, what happened? 3. What is the plaintiff's legal theory of liability? In other words, What law or legal duty does the plaintiff say the hotel breached? 4. How much money is the plaintiff suing for? 5. What do you think is the probability that the plaintiff will win the case? Or if it's over, what was the result? 6. If you owned the hotel, how much money would you pay to settle the case? source..
(November 28, 2012)
Hotel Law Suit
Question 1: what is the name and location of the hotel?
The name of the hotel involved in the law suit is osprey hotel, Naas, county Kildare in Ireland.
Question 2: What happened?
The case was filled in the year 2011 with the issue at stake being the traveler women being discriminated against and had been refused service at the hotel where they had sought for the mid morning light refreshments. The plaintiff who was the women denied service accused the defendant in this case who were the hotel owners on the breach of the law on the grounds of discrimination. The women who were travelers had the case concerning two incidents of refusal of services by the osprey hotel where the women were denied entry into the night club and the refusal of the mid morning refreshment. The case is represented in court for the Irish traveler movement law which says "if incident of alleged discrimination by licensed premises under the remit of equity tribunal".
Question 3: What law or legal duty does the plaintiff say the hotel breached?
The plaintiff was suing for the compensation of the damage they accrued by the embarrassment of being denied a simple service as the refreshment.
Question 4: How much money is the plaintiff suing for?
They demanded to be paid an amount worth the shame they suffered. From the case presented and the laws set on discrimination of the travelers it`s possible to win the case.
Question 5: The probability of the plaintiff winning the case?
The judge having been satisfied with the applications of the plaintiffs the ruling of the judge was that the hotel had treated the women in manner that a settled community would never ha...
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