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Critically Reflexive: My Strengths In Relation To Leadership (Essay Sample)


Please read the article from Drucker carefully, also the requirement and guidance, it is helpful. Thanks!
Read the Drucker article
Think and then write about the following in relation to yourself:
1. How do I perform/what are my strengths in relation to leadership?
2. What are my values and how do these shape my involvement in leadership?
3. What can I/do I want to contribute in terms of leadership?
4. What areas do I need to work on with respect of leadership?
5. What is my short (next 3 months), medium (next 12 months) and longer-term (next 2-3
years) learning plan to manage my self in regards to leadership? As part of this discuss:
1. How will I construct learning opportunities, overcome my limitations and practice my learning skills?
2. What is the social support system I will set up to maintain my continuing learning activities?


Critically Reflexive
Institutional Affiliation
Critically Reflexive
Ever since I was young, my personal goal was to become a leader with a transformational ability. From a reflective perspective, the ability to achieve one's goals are drawn from the efforts which one places both in his academics and his practical lifestyle (Cunliffe, 2014). Not only is such a skill significant in one's lifestyle, but it also enhances someone's management skills and understanding the identities and realities of being a leader. According to Bennis (2009), this type of a leader has the necessary skills to share its vision, motivation of the team and realization of a commitment, which will in essence results in inspired performance. I have never had a problem with intermingling with others whenever I am allocated a responsibility. Integrity, trustworthiness and support have always been my slogan, and I have always believed that through teamwork, it is possible to accomplish the set objectives. Kouzes and Posner (2010) explain that for a manager or leader to be deemed credible, he should observe the above qualities. Through practice in my schooling life, I discovered that a shared vision makes work easier on the part of the leader because it encourages the spirit of teamwork towards the set achievement of the set objectives. In this paper, I will demonstrate my leadership development continuum, in respect to the prevailing theories of leadership.
My strengths in relation to leadership
I have always been good in acting and debating since my days in primary school. My talent was strengthened by the fact that I had a supportive drama teacher who always exuded great confidence in my ability. I was good at articulation of issues, a talent that was quite unique compared to that of other students. I am interested in reading extensively and visualizing what I read. Evidence indicates that leadership equips an individual with powerful skills (Cunlife, 2016). During my free time, I could create an imagery of what I had read and share it jokingly with my peers. Comic books were my best since there is no single time I could get bored. I always got something to cheer me up, from the books and journals that I read. Little did I know that was to be my destiny towards a leadership career. In my entire academic life, I have been serving as a leader in different situations. I have had an opportunity of managing people in varying situations to bring about satisfactory leadership style that makes meaning to everyday life.
Being a leader, I believe in excellence that is nurtured through hands-on experience. I agree with Bennis (2009) who supports the kind of leadership where a leader is supposed to know himself through self-assessment, and in the process, set realistic yardsticks and work towards accomplishing the set task by utilizing his strengths and interests. Way back in high school, I was appointed by my fellow students to head the debating and drama clubs. The confidence that the student body had in me, enabled me to shape my future demanding leadership roles in which I was to be in a position to debate and safeguard the interests of the people I represented in any given capacity. Equipped with sound communication skills, I exhibited confidence in whatever I had to say. In most cases, I defended what the students wanted to the school's administration, especially when it came to furthering their knowledge in management.
In my quest to be an excellent leader, I attest to the writings of Kouzes, Bennis, Posner and Tracy who have shaped my thinking, personal development and values. All the instructions, as I climbed the ladder of realizing my potential as a leader, I have always formulated an action plan, with time as the predetermining...

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