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Should Abortion Be Legal? (Essay Sample)

cotwell-0013-Prompt_for_counter-argument_essay.rtf cotwell-0014-Counter_Argument_Essay_Tips.docx Counter-argument Essay Write an essay responding to an argument you find on the Web. Your paper should do the following: 1. Explain (give a summary of) the argument you will respond to. (And cite the source!) 2. Explain why the issue is important (why you are responding to it, and why your reader should care.) For example, does the issue have wider implications, does it provide some insight into the human condition or social conditions, etc.? 3. Evaluate the argument. Does it commit any fallacies? Does it make poor assumptions? 4. Take a contrary position. 5. Defend your position against the argument you found using sound/cogent arguments. 6. Supply and cite evidence where this is necessary. The essay must be typed, double-spaced, and stapled in the upper left-hand corner, 12-point Roman font, one-inch margins. It should include your name and page number on every page. It should be about 3 pages long. Citations should be in footnotes, not MLA style. Any paper not submitted in this format will be returned unread for reformatting. Pointer: there are very few good reasons to quote your sources. Almost always, the essay should accomplish its tasks in your own words. Two exceptions would be: - Your source says something highly controversial – so much so that readers might doubt the person said it. Then of course, you should cite it! - There are alternate interpretations of what the person says. Then quote and offer your interpretation. No block quotations. Keep whatever must be quoted short and to the point. Grading Rubric A B C D F Summary and Critique of Article: argument is clearly explained. All major premises are given. Assumptions are made explicit. Analysis of argument and issue is insightful and thorough. Fallacies are correctly diagnosed. argument is explained well enough to be understood. Some analysis is presented, although it may be shallow at times. no summary given, or no analysis given. Motivation: Issue is plausibly or compellingly motivated (reasons are given why we should care) Some motivation offered No discernable motivation offered Definition of terms: terms are clearly and unambiguously defined where necessary. Definitions are carefully supported where necessary Most terms are defined where needed Terms that need definitions are left undefined Argument: clear and precise thesis, addressing a well-defined issue. Argument is clear and moves systematically from premise to premise. Thesis follows from premises Thesis is present, but occasionally imprecise. Argument is present, not always clear. Thesis follows from premises Argument not present, or has significant logical problems. Thesis doesn't follow from premises Support: major premises are supported by concrete, relevant evidence, and not just by speculation Some relevant evidence offered No relevant evidence apparent Objectivity: reflects on claims and assumptions; considers likely objections and counterarguments Reflects on at least some major objections; may miss some major objections; fails to explore implications of the argument No significant objectivity or reflection occurs =============== Counter-argument essay tips: Procedure: - Provide a précis of the original argument - Critique this argument: o Are its premises all true or plausible? Can you cite evidence to show that a premise is false or not plausible? o How strong is its reasoning? Does it commit any fallacies? o Does it make any unwarranted or implausible (unstated or stated) assumptions? o Does it have any weird implications? For instance, does it imply some odd result or that some weird policy should be adopted for this or other issues? - Use this critique to support a different position on the issue - Advance any additional reasons that support your position, citing evidence where appropriate Do it in your own words! There are very few good reasons to quote your sources. Almost always, the essay should accomplish its tasks in your own words. Two exceptions would be: - Your source says something so controversial that readers might doubt the person said it. Then of course, you should cite it! - Your source says something that requires interpretation (e.g. there is more than one way of understanding what is said.) Then quote it, and offer your interpretation, along with your justification for why it should be interpreted as you suggest. Plagiarism: - Copying more than three words (as a rule of thumb) verbatim from another's writing is plagiarism. Put in quotations marks and cite! - Copying a sentence and leaving out a word here and there is plagiarism. If you want to quote a sentence and leave out part of it use ellipses (…) but quote and cite! - Summarizing someone else's point without crediting them is plagiarism. You must cite the source at the end of your summation. - In general, anything that is not your own thought or not your own language needs to be cited. Otherwise, you are passing off someone else's work as your own, which is dishonest. source..

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Counter Argument Essay: Should Abortion Be Legal?
This assignment is a counter argument essay on is abortion should be legalized. Most scholars and government bodies as well as nongovernmental organizations have been increasingly been supporting the debate which has been there for long. However, in my argument I am not for abortion. According to Pilpel abortion is a deliberate move to end a pregnancy by ensuring that the fetus is removed from the mother’s uterus and it is assumed that it should be done by a trained medical officer but that is not always the case. The legalization debate about Abortion has been aimed at permitting abortion so that it could be done legally. It is widely believed that if abortion is legalized then medical facilities will be offering it as one of their services and this will reduce instances of dangers which aborting ladies are exposed to due to the practice being done by the untrained professionals.
However, in my arguments I will only support abortion once it has been approved by medical professionals due to complications which would arise and it is endangering the life of the mother and the unborn child as well. There are also several cases which I would exempt and allow for abortion this are pregnancies which arise due to rape or incest. With an aim of protecting the mother the agony of carrying the pregnancy to its full maturity time and if the child was born its most likely that the mother might be affected by seeing the child who came as a result of the ordeal which she went through.
Although someone has the right to do whatever they would wish with their body voluntary abortion because someone has conceived without planning should not be legalized. Because the unborn child or fetus are a distinct individual and has a right to life on his or her own and the law should protect rather than kill him/her. Abortion is termed as ending life since what is inside the mother is living and has the ability to grow. Abortion ceases the growing process of someone who would have been eventually be an adult.
The unborn is defenseless they cannot be able to defend their selves. I am certain that if the unborn would be having a choice they would protest and try all means possible to prevent its ...
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