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Alexander Nevsky: Love, Death, Patriotism And Good Versus Evil (Movie Review Sample)


Movie Review: Alexander Nevsky



Movie Review: Alexander Nevsky
In Alexander Nevsky, the main theme defending the Russian people against the impending German invasion, where the subject of love, death, patriotism and good versus are evil explored. Alexander Nevsky the Russian price rallies his people after having accepted the request from the nobles to protect Novgorod as the Germans were already in Pskov. The black and white film commissioned on the eve of WWII is set in the 13th century where the Russians fought against the German Teutons (Eisenstein et al). Even as there are times when there is no dialogue and sound effects, music plays an important role in the film as it fits with the visuals. Alexander Nevsky represents the triumph of Russians Germans on Battle on the Ice as many fled, and others are trapped in fragile ice and drowned.
The two opposing sides battle each other on the ice-covered Lake Peipus, and were it not for the call of duty the prince would simply have been leading his people and possibly continued fishing. The invading Teutonic Knights have more elaborate helmets and armor, and even came with a spiritual leader, but they still lost the war (Eisenstein et al). In his call to the Russian people, the prince invokes patriotic consciousness and considering that the time the film as national

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