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LMU requirements (Essay Sample)

I applied to LMU. They want me write essay. I'll attach you the requirment source..

LMU requirements
Professor Name:
(October 15, 2011)
LMU requirements
Life is always a journey and the tricky part is that one is never aware of what challenge is next; this makes it more interesting and worth living. In each day every person wakes up to meet new challenges which make the individual stronger and wiser. President, Fr. Robert Lawton in his speech referred to life as a journey where each step is a closer leap to discovering what life offers. On the part “this journey to be oneself” meant that in every step we discover our strengths and weaknesses and to those who are wise then they will seek ways to be better.
This is always a great risk since there are many challenges that will always face us as we live. For instance, every choice has its impact and consequences and an individual will at times be very wary of making a decision. This is in fear of the consequences that may appear after the decision is made; however, in life decisions must be made and this is the greatest risk and this is the insecurity Fr. Robert Lawton talks of.
Life on the other hand becomes sweeter only and only if we discover our self does it become a success. In discovering our talents the journey helps us discover happiness and that is the reason Fr. Robert speaks about happiness. Indeed, this happiness can only be enjoyed if the right decisions are made and this is allowing religious teachings to influence. In putting God first He is ready to lead us to the right path that will make us achieve our dreams. We have to always put our trust in the almighty so as to have an assurance in this risky journey that everything will work out. This is because the purpose of God in our lives is a better life a future and a hopeful. In God’s plan, life is accomplished with an assurance that guarantees not just the good tidings in life but also a peaceful and successful life.
In college, there are numerous of risks, especially in a new environment there are very many decisions to make. These include change of the study time and the increased freedom. There is also the increased bulk of work and responsibilities that increase as I proceed with college. The risk involved is the meeting of new friends and acquaintances. The friends will always introduce new values which may not be positive; however this is always a risk that one would take in the adventure of discovering one self. In this one will know whether he or she can hold on to the positive values or be influenced by other issues that come by.
For any college student the friends they meet normally influence their lives; nevertheless the strong will...
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