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The Science of Pseudo (Essay Sample)

Find an example of pseudo-expert (or pseudo-scientific_ testimony that attempts to persuade its audience of false argument. You may choose to examine material presented by conspiracy theorist, alien.UFO promoters, end of world enthusiast, or any other group of \"kooks\" whose claims are considered false prima facie by most reasonable people. Your job is not to prove why the pseudo-experts is wrong, but to explain how he or she uses rhetoric to convince an audience. if you happened to have information that discredit the web authority, you may use it: however, your main task is analysis. Use logical fallacies to critique your article. Points to consider: How does this source makes its argument? How does the writer try to convince the audience? Does it use numbers or statistics to lend credibility to the argument? Any special code words? Heart-breaking personal examples? appeals to anger? fear? fallacies of ethos, appeals to false authorities? name calling. After you work through these types of questions, you need to evaluate the rhetorical power of the article. How effective is it? Could it attract a rational person? How dangerous would it be if it could convince rational people of its argument? The basis for your evaluation( degree of effectiveness/dangerousness) should be your analysis of the rhetorical features. source..
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(Masonic conspiracy theories)
The Masonic conspiracy theories are hypothesis that comprise of Freemasonry; the theories can be categorized under three discrete classes such as religious, political and cultural groups. The authors in this field have linked the Freemasonry with devil worshipping which are found on misconceptions of the principles of these groups. In this paper, focus will be placed more on the essence of Freemasonry claim, of control over politics; that is the ‘New World Order.` Events in the United States and outside the United States like the Italian propaganda owing scandal will be used to lend credibility to the arguments presented.
Convincing ideologies
Wells H.G, a British writer in 1940 made an effort to redefine the term "New World Order" as a phenomenon of creating a world State and planned economy that was technocratic. Nevertheless, he failed to put a stronger and durable influence in some state of socialist circles despite the popularity of his thoughts. He failed to focus his strength on direct pledge to intelligent scholars who would have helped to create a Wellsian new world order.
William Guy Carr a Canadian conspiracy theorist through the agitators of American worldly and Christian right, increased and spread fears that were unfounded of Illuminati, Jews and Freemasons, as being the source of power behind the conspiracy of worldwide communist. The main attention went to the threat of Godless communism which was in the image of a demonized world government commonly referred to as ‘Red Menace.` This would later influence the political right ideas in the United States, made of liberals and progressives with their ideologies of international cooperation schemes of foreign aid and welfare-state policies. The menace would then slowly lead to the process of communism that would result in a world that would later be ruled by one government communist (Mark, 2010).
Various conspiracy theories were spread a round the world in 1960 by a group of right wing populist the like of John Birch Society. The group made allegations that Soviet Union and the United States governments were governed by a sect of commercial internationalists, greedy and corrupt bankers and politicians with objectives of using the United Nations as a route to forming one World Government. These conspiracies led to the withdrawal of U.S from the United Nations. In 1966 Mary M. Davison an American writer wrote in her booklet ‘The Profound Revolution" claiming that the New World Order conspiracy led to the formation of a U.S Federal Reserve System by international bankers back in 1913 which she asserted that a Council on Foreign Relations was formed to act as a sh...
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