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Health Policy Analyst (Biomedicine) (Essay Sample)

Interview a person about their ‘health' strategies and answer the following questions in your essay: - When do they use mainstream Western biomedicine and when do they turn to other options? - Are there kinds of illnesses/health conditions that they see as ‘belonging' to biomedicine, spiritual healing, non-western systems or alternative medicine? - What do they see as valuable in biomedicine? What do they see as valuable in other healing systems? - How important are ethnicity, gender, age and class in determining healing choices? - What kinds of healing activities that they use take place in the private sphere (the home) and what take place in the public sphere (the hospital, the clinic, the doctor's office)? - What is ‘missing' from the Western biomedicine system that these people find elsewhere? - What is seen as attractive or useful in biomedical systems of healing? - Can you ascertain a process of ‘referral' (either formal or informal) whereby prospective patients seek out alternative healing options? Discuss Non-Western Medicine and Folk and Alternative Health. Based on your own field data and careful reading of secondary sources, create an analytical model of medical pluralism. - Introduction & Objectives: This section should introduce your reader to the subject of your research project, setting your data in a broader context and touching on questions and themes presented in the first section of this handout. This portion of your report should also contain a clear and detailed statement of your project objectives. (250-300 words) - Results & Analysis: Give a general summary of your findings? How did the interview respond to your questions? Use scholarly analysis to probe more deeply into your results and to link them to the ideas laid on is the Project Description at the beginning of this handout. Does your research data suggest a pattern or model which helps explain how medical pluralism works? Does your interview data reflect issues and themes that arise in the scholarly literature – or does it take you beyond the literature? Do specific theoretical approaches or similar studies help you interpret your research? Be as creative and insightful as possible in this section. Remember to provide references for all ideas not your own. (This section should comprise the bulk of your project report.) - Conclusions: What are the broad conclusions which you are able to draw from your project results and analysis? Do your conclusions contradict or support material covered in the course? Based on your conclusions, can you suggest future directions for research in this area? (250-300 words) - References: A complete list of interviews undertaken and of published secondary sources consulted for your report must be submitted. Remember that you must reference all ideas and information that is not your own. Please the APA system of citation. (see attached pages.) A good list of references will contain more than 8 citations which have clearly been used in the project report. source..

Health Policy Analyst
Today, the world perceives health care system in our country as a highly valued feature of Canadian life. This comes along with the presence of medical pluralism. Medical pluralism would refer to as the adoption of several medical systems such as the western biomedicine or the integration of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) (Agdal, 2005). It encourages the patients to take advantage of various health strategies and healing models. It is the objective of this project to seek the understanding of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of this new phenomenon of medical pluralism. Therefore, an interview was necessary with a health policy analyst. The interviewee specializes in medical issues.
The choice of the health policy analyst was in efforts to minimize the methodological limitations as well as the biases. This is because the research is subject to openness, trust and honesty. The interview covered question such as when do medicine practitioners use the western biomedicine mainstream and when would they turn into other solutions. The interviewee had to address the question whether there are other kinds of health conditions or illnesses that the practitioners perceive as biomedicine, spiritual-healing, alternative medicine or the non-western systems. Other issues covered during the interview were such as the valuables of biomedicine and in other healing systems, the importance of gender, age ethnicity, and class in determining the suitable healing system, the kind of healing activities in the private spheres and in public spheres, the elements missing in the western biomedicine that practitioners find else where. Further, in discussion are the issues such as the attractive elements of biomedical systems. The interview helped in understanding the importance of the pluralism in biomedicine.
The first question addressed was when the medical practitioners would use the mainstream western biomedicine and when they would opt to use other healing systems. In other solutions of healing, we have the alternative and the complementary medicine. Alternative medicine would refer to as the range health practices, therapies and products that are not in the medical schools’ curriculum. On the other hand, complementary medicine is the alternative medicine integrated with the science-based medicine. It would be easier to use the western biomedicine systems where the patient seeks the treatment from specialists. However, if a patient does not have faith in the western treatment but rather believes in other healing systems, then the practitioner would easily opt to use other systems.
From the interview, the interviewee revealed that practitioners would classify some illness and health conditions as of the spiritual healing, biomedicine and others to alternative medicine. Some conditions react slowly to certain medicines while others would respond differently...
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