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Safe water and environmental health (Essay Sample)

For this Case Assignment, your task is to write a 2-3 page paper about safe water as an environmental health issue. Do you feel that the stability of society ever depends upon environmental quality? Something to think about: are wars fought over water? source..

Running Head: safe water and environmental health.
Safe water and environmental health
Consumption of water is a daily routine for every person as a result, drinking water is a potential route of exposure to hazardous substances if not properly monitored and regulated.
If drinking water is in any way contaminated it is likely to cause harmful health effects such as cancer or organ damage which occur due to prolonged exposure to water contaminants. It is important to note that almost all sources of drinking water are vulnerable to contamination of one type or the other which may include industrial waste, agricultural runoff, and pesticides among others. Because of this, the issue of ensuring that water is safe has continually becoming a major challenge to those concerned.
Access to safe water, hygienic sanitation and good water management programs are fundamental to global health in the sense that almost one tenth of the global diseases could be prevented by increasing access of societies to safe drinking water, improving sanitation hygienic conditions when handling water and also improving water management in order to reduce the risks of water-borne diseases.
Improving water sanitation works hand in hand in boosting the overall health of a society. This could be done through measures such as ensuring that they can access facilities such as simple lat...
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