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BHE314 Module4 Case (Essay Sample)

Housing and Habitability Question 1: You are an environmental health inspector asked to investigate problems at a local low-income and poorly maintained apartment complex. There is lead-based paint peeling from the walls, and mold growing on the walls. Summarize the health hazards associated with lead and mold in this particular setting, and describe what may be done to control these two public health problems. Keep in mind the limitations and challenges a low-income community may face, living in poorly maintained housing. Please be sure to support your position with evidence from the literature. Swimming Pools Question 2: One of your goals is to protect the health of swimmers at a local recreational pool. Discuss two methods that have been used to treat swimming pool water, ozonation and chlorination. Then, identify the method or combination of methods that would provide the best protection to swimmers and the public's health. Please be sure to support your position with evidence from the literature. Seprate each question as question 1 and questione 2. source..
Environmental Health Presented By Name Presented To Lecturer Institution Date 1. Health Hazards Associated With Mold and Lead in Houses The low-income communities face challenges in their day to day lives. This is mostly characterized in the types of apartments they may be residing in. Due to low-income level, these people may not afford to pay the well maintained houses which are mostly expensive. They might also not be at a position to maintain their houses finding themselves in houses with peeling wall paints which most probably are lead-based. Molds are a group of fungi that may grow everywhere naturally and mostly reproduces on wet surfaces. For instance, after a heavy downpour one can expect to see molds especially if the area is not cleaned or disinfected well. On the other hand, lead is a soft bluish metal and is said to be highly poisonous to human beings (Falcon, 2010). The health hazard associated with mold growing in these poorly maintained houses include causing allergy to people, asthma and related respiratory problems. Exposure to high levels of molds may result to skin rush, eye irritation, running nose and nasal congestions. Other health threatening effects include fatigue, nausea and headache as well as adverse effects to the nervous system. Exposure to humans of lead may cause to nervous system damage; respiratory problems and also blood- forming malfunction. Several ways may be used to get rid of mold and lead from walls and furniture. Mold and lead may be cleaned off the walls and furniture by use of mild detergent solutions. Residents should clean the areas by using warm water and laundry detergents. While working on moldy areas one should wear protective clothing such as gloves, breathing protectio...
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