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My Dentist's office (Essay Sample)

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(16 February 2010)
My Dentist's office
The dentist`s office is a place where dental hygienists who offer periodontal care offers there services. The dental specialists offer comprehensive dentistry normally in a clean atmosphere. The equipment in a dentist office include a comfortable chair which a position to rest the head and room for legs. This is the dentists` chair. Whenever I sit on her, I fell so comfortable as if she belongs to me alone. A sink used for rinsing the mouth. X-ray machines, cameras, sterilizers and computers. A dentist is a person trained or who specializes on taking care of teeth. When the dentist is using his tools, he is as precise and as thorough as a surgeon is. Other personnel found in a dentists` office include a dental hygienist. His job is to keep teeth and gums clean and in good physical shape. He ensures that the gums are healthy by observing inside the mouth. He uses a flashlight, which he shines inside the mouth in order to have a clear view of the teeth.
After every six months, I check at my dentist office. When my name comes up, the specialist or a dental assistant, take me to a private room for the check up. He uses an x-ray to detect the condition of my teeth. He inspects the x-rays and incase he notices a problem like presence of cavities, he immediately cleans it. To children, the dentist checks and analyzes whether the teeth are developing properly .He ensures that I do not fill any pain w...
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