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Gospel of mark (Essay Sample)

Please write a 1 page summary and reaction to the Gospel of Mark. The reaction should be from a personal standpoint. source..
Gospel of mark
The author of the book of mark is believed to Mark, a son of a well known women, by the name Mary, in Jerusalem at their times. Mark is not new to the early Christian community because his mother’s house used to be a meeting place for the early Christians. This is the environment the author was brought up in. From the book of Acts, we also find out that mark was the nephew of Barnabas (Barclay 162). He is mentioned in the book of Philemon as Paul’s co-worker when he was in prison. He is also requested by Paul to go and see him as he wait his death sentence in the book of 2nd timothy. Mark was a very close friend of Paul and peter; in fact peter calls him my son in 1st peter (Barclay 175).
This gospel is believed to be one of the oldest books in the New Testament, written in AD 58. The purpose of writing this gospel was to target the roman believers. He, the author, presents himself as a follower of Christ who had heard the gospel and needs them to know Jesus Christ’s biography, who is a servant of the lord and more importantly the savior of the world. In needed to strength their faith in those hard times of persecution. The key verses in the gospel are; 1:11, 1:17, 10:14-15, 12:33, 16:6 and 16:15(France 36).
Many people ignore the gospel according to Mark because they term it as subset of the gospel of Mathew. Infact, the gospel of mark is a unique and influential presentation that presents the identity and the power of Christ. It only presents events in summary only enlightening their sole purpose of presentation (France 100-105). His main purpose centers at the son of God, Jesus Christ, who come to suffer and shed blood to redeem men from their sins at all ages. He presents the plan of salvation, which is satisfactory, absolute, and secure. In addition, he presents Jesus as one who does not reveal his identity but only through the context of his prophecy and passion.
Mark presents Jesus as a servant of God who comes to serve and sacrifice for humanity, inspiring them to do the sam...
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