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5-1 Discussion: Employee Evaluation Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Assume you are tasked with providing written and verbal quarterly
performance reviews for each of your employees. You have one particular
review to do for an employee, Bob, whom you have a great working
relationship with. One of Bob’s primary responsibilities is to ensure that
each outgoing shipment is complete, all items are free of defects, and
there are no discrepancies in inventory. In the past few months, however,
several customers have complained about the shipments. In two cases,
nearly every item in a shipment contained defects. Another concerning
factor is inventory has several major discrepancies. Upon further
investigation, the orders in question fall under Bob’s purview. Bob’s overall
quarterly performance is poor, and you need to address the problems.
Assume the role of the plant manager. The corporate office has tasked you
with addressing solutions for these issues with Bob. For your initial
discussion post, identify one of Bob's errors and propose a change that he
must implement to avoid similar issues in the future. Provide a description
of how you would support the employee through proposed changes using
the principles of change management.


Employee Evaluation
Student’s Name
Employee Evaluation
In the past quarters, Bob’s performance has been very exceptional and commendable. Besides, Bob working relationship with co-workers and even the senior management is exemplary. However, I have noted with concern that Bob's performance in this quarter is worrying. Customers also complain about defective shipping and discrepancies in inventory. The aforesaid tasks are all handled by Bob and for that matter, I would like to propose measures that need to be taken into consideration the remedy Bob's issue.

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