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How We Met Essay (Essay Sample)

This paper is a creative writing paper. It is a how we met essay, below are the details that should be included in the essay: 1. met in college in 2001 and started off as friends 2. she was a freshman and he was a sophomore 3. he was the roommate of one of her classmates 4. as friends they would do things like go to football games and the movies. They also would study together. He held her pass a science course. 5. they fell out of touch after her freshman year in college because she went home to los angeles for the summer. 6. they ran into each other again in 2003 and began hanging out as friends. 7. they always enjoyed each other's company and were able to confide in each other about many things. 8. they officially began dating in 2004 9. now after 7 years of dating they are getting married and ready to start their new life together. source..

Running Head: How We Met
How We Met
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How We Met
Upon joining college in 2001, I met this down-to-earth guy, who seemed charming and attractive. His appearance could tell that he was responsible of activities that surrounded him. At that time, I was a freshman and very naïve, while he was a sophomore. I approached him shyly, avoiding contact, as he entered the room to his apartment, which he shared with one of my classmates.
Being a roommate to one of my classmates provided me with an advantage of associating with him. I at times sat till late into the night with both of them, discussing about life issues. As days passed, we enjoyed the mutual relationship we had, and sometimes had dinner together in their apartment. Since he was senior than I was, and attending the same course as I was, I knew that he was the best person to share knowledge with. I asked him to assist me with some of my academic work, which he open-heartedly agreed. T...
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