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Human Beings are Free: Social Sciences Research Paper. (Research Paper Sample)

Try to incorporate your own experience or some common experience or something that is well known to other people, if it is relevant to the case, as evidence in your own argument. Make sure to take into account both sides of your thesis and to engage the arguments and evidence used by philosophers. This is a rough draft it could it could contain a few paragraphs, to an outline, or a few pages. source..

Human Beings are Free
Professor Name:
(April 22, 2013)
The phrase “human beings are free” implies that we are all the same and have the same rights in relation to every detail in life. Consequently, it implies that every human being is entitled to the same opportunity in life such as in getting a job, education or any form of training that is important for life. However, the problem is that in most cases that does not happen otherwise it’s the other way round. The society divides the world into classes whereby the higher classes get all the benefits while the lower classes have to struggle.
Academic reports have shown that no human beings are prisoners of life and this shows that some human beings are happy in life while others are not. Various studies show that a number of human beings have varied view on love and hatred of certain things in nature, however most of us try the level best we can to the best out of the situations that we find us in since it is necessary that we have to. Some research studies have been concerned on human beings being free but there has been no research talking about why we are not free, this research therefore is a demonstration arguing on why human beings are not free.
Statement of the Problem
God gave human beings a “free will”, however there are choices that have to be made in relation to certain matters that usually shape our destiny. However, it is clear that the world’s current state is directly related to the choices that have been made by Adam and Eve in the past. It is true that God created mankind in His own image and that included their ability to choose. Despite this, there are changes in the world since its creation times and people are sinful in and this acts as the basis of my argument on the doctrine of free will of human beings. Human beings’ physical activity is directly related to the activity of their minds. This implies that the mind is more or less active in relation to the body’s activity or sensing.
It is clear that human beings are not free beings because of the effects of nature. Despite the fact that God is the same thing as nature, its effect is that the mind and the body of human beings are two separate aspects of the same thing. It follows that human beings exist as in unity and thus all human and while the parts of a person such as “metal and physical attributes” are separated in the same instance implying why the human race cannot be free beings.
Research Questions
This study aims in answering questions such as: Why are human beings not free beings? Or what are the differences in human beings or in nature that make them not to be free beings?
Research Design and Methods
The research methodology applied in this research will be designed to achieve the set purpose statement and test of the paper. Data collection methods for this research will be conducted through primary and second...
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