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Global Warming – The Best Ways to Stop It (Essay Sample)


It is a final paper of Earth Science 1100. You will write a paper of any topic dealing with aspects of earth science. Make sure you have quality references. Inappropriate topics – Regurgitation of the information
covered in movies viewed in class: tsunami, earthquakes, landslide & the birth/origin of the earth. Please see the attached of detailed instructions. Thank you.


Global Warming – The Best Ways to Stop It
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Global warming, also known as climate change, has become a significant threat to humanity in recent years. According to Daniele De Wrachien, a drastic change in the average atmospheric temperature has been observed, and multiple factors contribute to this change, such as deforestation, greenhouse effect, and others. In whatsoever way, global warming is destructing a large number of animal and plant species, and the human population is also at risk. Scientists have been observing changes in the environment since the 1950s, and in some parts of the world, the issue has reached an alarming level, causing cancer and other diseases and killing a large number of humans. From north to south, our planet is getting warmer day by day, and the temperature in the Polar Regions has reached up to 100 degrees Celsius. There is a strong need to reduce the atmospheric temperature to be ensured of our survival. The heat is melting sea ice and glaciers, setting animals on the move and shifting the precipitation patterns (Wrachien, 2017).
A report published by Madhav Khandekar reveals that human made activities or human influence are the major causes of global warming. How to stay protected and ensure our health? Gases like carbon dioxide have trapped the solar radiation in the upper atmosphere and did not allow it to dissipate into space. As a result, the atmospheric temperature has increased tremendously and is likely to cause problems for humans, animals, and plants (Khandekar, 2010). However, the following measures can be taken to stop global warming.
1. Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gases are likely to end by 2040 and that their excessive use is harmful to human health. For quite a long time, we have increased our dependence on fossil fuels. There is a strong need to discover alternative sources of energy. We burn too much coal, use gases excessively and cannot live without oil. Burning fossil fuels has increased the level of greenhouse gases in the air and is damaging our lives. There are two main ways to resolve this issue: use alternative energy and find renewable energy resources. Renewable energy is a form of energy that can be used again and again, meaning unlike fossil fuels, it is harmless to the atmosphere and can save us thousands of dollars (Dudukovic, 2018).
2. Plant More Trees
As carbon dioxide and other harmful gases are being added to the air every day, planting trees can slow or stop climate change to an extent. All governments should play their role in this regard. Ron Hamilton and Helen Crabbe mention in their article titled Environment, Pollution and Effects Environment, Pollution and Effects that if more trees and flowering plants are grown in different parts of the world, we can easily get rid of the issue of global warming and breathe in the fresh air. Plants and trees play a significant role in reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the air. They release a lot of oxygen, which is essential for human survival. On an individual level, trees can be planted even in the backyard (Hamilton & Crabbe, 2009).
3. Manage Wastes Properly
Most of us throw garbage out of the houses and do not care about how it will impact the environment. Milorad P. Dudukovic states that the production of garbage has doubled in recent months and that is one of the primary contributors to global warming. We all need to learn how to manage the garbage. It would be great if the plastic bags are burnt or thrown in an empty area. Similarly, other forms of garbage should be managed wisely, and the go

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