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Earth's Natural Environment In 2050: Predictions (Essay Sample)


How will the earth's natural environment be different in the year 2050 (32 years from now)? What will be the causes of the differences? How will this make life different than it is now for people living at that time? Incorporate concepts that we discussed throughout the course.


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Earth's Natural Environment in 2050
Human activities are continually affecting the natural environment and the scientific community has several predictions of the world in the next three decades. These predictions are backed by historical information data though they are just assumptions. These predictions are based on the assumption that the current environmental interventions will have little or no effect on the ever-increasing carbon dioxide emission in the world. The predictions assume several times presence of the current carbon dioxide emission in the world. The world through commitment to the Paris Climate Accord to ensure the legislate policies which would curb global warming and keep the earth's temperature within 2 degrees. If this move is successful, it is likely that our planet's temperature will stabilize and prevent further environmental degradation stemming from global warming.
If the carbon dioxide is twice its current amount in the atmosphere today, the earth's temperature will rise significantly and may even surpass the two degrees cap instituted by United Nations. The current trend of melting ice caps and rising sea levels will continue. The temperatures coupled with the rising sea waters will destroy habitats and ecological balance of many polar creatures. Desertification will increase and the terrestrial temperatures and weather patterns will be affected adversely. Additionally, we will

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