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Environmental Refugees: Develop Sustainable Livelihoods (Essay Sample)


-Environmental refugees can be understood as people who leave their home due to environmental problems that make it impossible or very difficult to develop sustainable livelihoods. With the growing impacts of climate change – affecting water levels along coastlines and weather patterns – there is concern that this category of refugees will become a growing challenge for the world.
-Watch the video and read the article below, then make a post in this discussion area of at least one paragraph, explaining whether or not you think that Canada should legally recognize “environmental refugee” as a category of refugee and why or why not? Be sure to consider how this might affect Canadian society.
Video about how climate change is affecting poor people along the coast of Bangladesh:
https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=xGUEHo2OX14 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Article Climate Refugees:
https://mobile(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2017/12/21/climate/climate-refugees.html (Links to an external site.)


Environmental Refugees
Environmental Refugees
Climate change is driving people away from their homes and threatens to cause a major refugee crisis ever. International law awards refugee status only to people who fled their home countries due to war or fear of being prosecuted. It is disappointing to disregard those that have been displaced by climate change given the effects it poses on their lives. As such, devising solutions for environmental refugees is urgent. Canada should accept environmental refugees by embracing the new treaty being proposed by a group of scholars and activists. The existing treaty defining the refugee’s status is obsolete since it was formulated at the termination of World War 2 (Sengupta, 2017). This category of refugees is rising up as a trending major challenge in the world. Climate change and rise in sea levels pose a great threat to the poor Bangladeshis along the coastal area (InternuncioVideo, 2008). The water levels rise and break the embankments and cause floods. The water levels rising higher and higher necessitates constant maintenance of embankments all year round. This takes much

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