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Analysis of the Ugly American History Essay Paper Research (Essay Sample)


What makes the “Ugly American” ugly in the minds of the Burdick and Lederer? Do you think that the authors have a point? Do you find their supposedly un-ugly Americans more attractive?
Here are instructions for how to write your class essays.
You are responsible for five responses to the five primary source books. Each of these should be around 750 words long. They should consist of three parts.
1. Exposition. Your first paragraph should describe the book, and briefly explain what you have decided about one or more of the questions that I have posed.
2. Development. The middle of your essay should explain your answer. It should offer details about the main arguments and content of the book to support your claims. It should also offer background from Give Me Liberty!
3. Conclusion. Your last paragraph should recapitulate your argument, and add some final point that you think bolsters your perspective.
Don't be reluctant to use phases like "in this essay I argue . . . " or "I think that . . . " or "in conclusion, I believe that . . . "
Quote from the book when you find some passage that illustrates your points. Use your Give Me Liberty! textbook to provide background, or to add additional quotes. But don't over-quote from either of the books. Use your own words. And don't just copy passages from the books or other sources verbatim as if they were your own, that's plagiarismLinks to an external site..
As for your reference style, just use a parenthesis format (Bellamy, 125) or (Foner, 353).


Analysis of the Ugly American
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Analysis of the Ugly American
The Ugly American by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick is a publication on venomous satire, which describes the role of the United States in the Vietnam War. The book is an ideal category of a novel and an overt political commentary in the form of standalone short narratives in different chapters. The title of the publication refers to the stereotypes of American insensitivity to the traditions, religion, language, and customs of the people of Sarkhan as a fictional country. The Ugly American is an outstanding work of anti-war commentary. The novel hosts a wide range of characters who make minor reappearances. The Ugly American is an exceptional novel, which portrays Americans as arrogant and rude while working and living with people in other countries.

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