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The Story Cathedral. Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Write a 6-7pp paper doing an in-depth analysis of cathedral. It may include any combination of the following: the historical background of the work, the author’s life, connections to other works of art or literary/artistic movements, critical responses to the work (both contemporary and modern), the importance of this work on the history of literature/the humanities, an interpretation of the work according to a theoretical method, a discussion of the work in the context of other works with similar themes, or your own personal reaction. It must include at least five research sources, with all citations in MLA format.


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Reading the story Cathedral while not exhibiting an open mind can leave one cringing or angry at the writer. The story written by Raymond Carver was published in 1981. The story appears simple and ordinary but is founded on multiple themes that help hold it together. First of all, there are three main characters in the story: the narrator, the blind man, and the narrator’s wife. The story is based on the blind man’s visit to the narrator’s home. While reading the article, one gets the idea that less is more or that nothing is as it seems. Certain details are not well-defined and even though at first this might seem like it limits the story, it eventually works out well for the story. It is indeed genius of the author to use this mode of writing as it requires the audience or readership to engage deeply with the reading. Additionally, the author makes sure that even in the midst of this minimalist mindset instances of postmodernism appear. Throughout the story, there is no absolute truth or anything that is right or wrong. No one appears to judge the other person or consider their actions as morally more upright than that of others. These are great instances in the story that help to further showcase the genius of Carver. This paper, therefore seeks to delve deeper and analyze the events in the story starting with the story’s background as well as the background of Carver. This paper will also seek to draw comparisons between this work and other literary works or artistic movements as well as offer a critical response to this literary piece. Finally, this work’s importance to the history of literature will be provided and a reaction to the piece will come at the end.

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