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The Capture of Jerusalem by Saladin - Reaction paper (Essay Sample)

pick one reading from the bottom.The texts and full reading are available online. Read the entire selection and write a brief one page reaction paper (Typed, single spaced). The reaction should include how the text ties in to the course material, specific examples that relate to what we learned in class notes & discussion and why is this an important text for Western Civilization. Your own opinion is also welcomed. Choose One: - The Capture of Jerusalem by Saladin http://www(dot)fordham(dot)edu/halsall/source/1187saladin.html - The Magna Carta http://www(dot)fordham(dot)edu/halsall/source/magnacarta.html - “The Prince” by Machiavelli http://www(dot)constitution(dot)org/mac/prince00.htm source..
The Capture of Jerusalem by Saladin Name: Institution: Date: THE CAPTURE OF JERUSALEM BY SALADIN This is a medial source book that records on the war incidents and city capturing that Saladin, the Syrian king conducted. Particularly, Saladin’s process of capturing Jerusalem is deeply elaborated, as he ensures that Christianity fades immediately by enforcing an Islamic religion in the Holy City (Lyons & Jackson, 1984). This is a story that takes the reader back in the middle age period where oppression was rampant through unending wars. Moreover, it shows the determination of King Saladin to oppress and frustrate the people of Jerusalem. Find herein the vitality of this text to Western Civilization as well as its application to class discussions. In several occasions the king of Syria’s attempt to capture some cities failed, yet he would not give up. He was passionately drawn to ruin the others for his selfish interest of power and materials things. Regardless of the weakening and deaths of most of Jerusalem army, he would make sure to fulfill his ill mission. The new tactics of attack were put to practice that brought down Jerusalem, forcing them to submit to Saladin’s selfish demands of c...
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