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Were Japan's Imperialist goals any different from the Imperialist goals any different than those of nineteenth century European imperialism? Will upload the required article to find answer. source..

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In the 19th and 20th Centuries, imperialism was the order of the day as many European nations sought to have their influence felt in other areas. To a great extent, Europe was the specialist in imperialism, but America also had a slot in it. In East Asia, Japan tried its hand at imperialism. This essay compares Japan`s imperialism to that of Europe.
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In an attempt to spread its imperialism in East Asia, Japan sought to build the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. The goals to be achieved in the coming up with the sphere of influence were economical as well as political (Tsunoda et al, 1958). Looking at the goals that Japan had, there is no difference between the aspirations and those of the European countries during the 19th Century.
Economically, Japan sought to be an industrial center, getting the raw materials from Manchuria as well as China. The rest of Asia would act as a large market for the products. This is the same idea that the European countries had. As they sought out for colonies in other places, they were looking either for sources of raw materials or for destinations for their products. In this sense, therefore, the two imperial goals map onto each other.
There was also political motivation in Japan`s imperial movements. Tsunoda et al 91958) observe that the leaders of the imperialism had a plan where they could avoid the external influence of the American as well as the European forces in the region. They also sought to establish their rule in other countries such as Siberia, which was under the control of the Russians. As such, they knew pretty well that they would brush shoulders the wrong way with most of these powers, more specifically with the Russians. Nevertheless, this could not deter them from their course; they were determined to fight to achieve their goals. A similar attitude was seen in Europe during the imperial wars. Many European nations rose against each other simply because they wanted to gain control over vast regions. Germany wanted A...
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