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Discussion 1. The Rite of Spring. History Assignment (Essay Sample)


After watching the performance of The Rite of Spring, post your reactions to this forum. Consider the following questions:
Why might this ballet have provoked catcalls, whistles, hisses, and perhaps even fistfights in the theater’s aisles (if one is to believe the legends), not to mention riots?
What aspects of its setting, music, and choreography would have shattered the Parisian audience’s expectations?
In what ways can this performance be viewed as a “rupture” announcing the end of previous traditions (Classical, Romantic) and the birth of the modern world?
Why did Eksteins describe the premiere as both “provocation and event”?
Support your discussion with observations and references to the video and course readings.
Discussion posts should always be courteous and include some references or direct evidence from the unit content, readings, or assignments to support your statements.
Please read the following sections in your required texts:
Sigmund Freud, from On Dreams, in Harrison and Wood, 21 – 28.
Georg Simmel, “The Metropolis and Modern Life,” in Harrison and Wood, 132 – 136.
Foster et al., 14– 33, 51 – 60.
Also watch the performance of The Rite of Spring by the Joffrey Ballet:


The Rite of Spring
Institutional Affiliation:
The Rite of Spring
The Rite of Spring is associated with pagan sacrifice, abduction, and Paris spirits in terms of performance content. This explains the reason why the audience rioted. The entire ballet performance was a discomfort to the audience who were not familiar with some activities that linked to the dance. 

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