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Canadian History (Essay Sample)

The Media Companion CD-ROM included with the textbook has a “primary source documents library” with several primary sources relating to each chapter. These sources are mostly contemporary historical documents – ie. writings by participants at the time, not by historians later – though some are images. Students are required to write, and submit electronically through the “Assignments” function of Blackboard, a brief commentary on one of the primary sources pertaining to Chapters 1 through 14 by midnight May 29. The commentary, which can range in length from a half to a full page, single space, should identify and briefly describe the item and suggest what it reveals as a historical source. The lectures and the textbook should give enough background for interpreting these sources; no additional research is required (though some students may wish to consult reference books). Commentaries will be graded (out of 5) and the grades will be posted. The commentaries will not be returned, but students wanting feedback can request it from the instructor by email. The due date for the commentary is fixed, and late submissions will not be accepted. (Blackboard will accept them only until 12:15 am May 30.) will send additional page files on Monday source..

Canadian History
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Coming of the Loyalists
Henry Sandman "The Coming of the Loyalist" is a painting which is important to the Canadian history as it depicts the arrival of Loyalist in New Brunswick. This happened in 1783 after the Independence war of America. After the war, Canada was divided into Upper Canada and Lower Canada. Upper Canada is represented currently by Southern Ontario while Lower Canada is represented currently by Southern Quebec. When the loyalists arrived in the region, they settled and grouped themselves according to religion and ethnicity.
Appeal for Self-Governance
The loyalist after settling in the region for sometimes appealed to the government to allow them to continue using the British legal system that were used to while in the colonies of America. They were ruled under the French system that still governed the region even after Great Britain had colonized Quebec. When Canada was divided into Lower and Upper Canada, most Loyalists were now able to be governed by the British legal system as they had requested. All their institutions and laws were under Common Law. This was in operation in Upper Canada. Lower Canada maintained the Catholic as well as Civil law practiced by most French ...
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