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Factors that Made the British Colonies in North America to Revolt (Essay Sample)


Hello-I need this paper by (August 23, 2015) Sunday by 10:30 PM. Below is the information that needs to be in the paper and how the teacher wants it. Thank you so much. :)
According to the British King and bureaucracy, the colonists were acting like spoiled children. According to the colonists, the British were overbearing, over-taxing, and ignoring their grievances. Take the perspective of American colonists, and explain why the British colonies in North America revolted.
Below are some of the items to consider:
The colonial relationship to the British before/after the French and Indian War
The acts passed by the British government
The grievances stated in the Declaration of Independence
The events that escalated the division between the Crown and the Colonists.
Choose one of the two perspectives to defend in an essay (American colonists or British government). Complete a 2-3 page paper according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Each paper should include at least four paragraphs: an introduction, a body with at least two fully developed paragraphs, and a conclusion.


Factors that made the British Colonies in North America to revolt
Option #1
Stacey R. Thomas
HST201-US History I
Colorado State University- Global Campus
Dr. Joyce Ann Kievit
August 23, 2015
Before the French and Indian War, a policy referred to as salutary neglect was followed by the British. This policy implied that the American, with minimal British government intervention, did as they wanted. There were some taxes that the Parliament had passed in the colonies prior to the French and Indian War, but there existed very negligent enforcement for such taxes (Cubbison, 2010). The French and Indian War was the conflict in the Northern American that begun in 1754 and ended with the 1763 Treaty of Paris. The Great Britain acquired massive territorial achievements in North America. As a result, after approximately 160 years of the policy of salutary neglect, the policy of the Great Britain was completely changed towards the 1763 colonies. The rules changes truly disappointed the colonists and there emerged disputes over the consequent frontline policy and war expenses payments and this resulted to colonial discontent, and eventually British Colonies Revolt (U.S Department of State- Office of the Historian, 2015). Different factors led to the British colonist revolt against the British government. This paper seeks to discuss the factors that contributed to this revolt, including the various acts passed by the British government that impacted the colonists and the grievances stated during the Declaration of Independence, and also the events that increased the Colonists and the Crown division.
The Acts Passed By The British Government
The British government came up with various acts that were part of the cause of the revolt of the colonists in North America. The first act was the currency act that was passed in the year 1764 by the British government (Greene, 2010). The act was as a result of the high debts of the British government, which made the British merchants to demand for money owed to them by the colonists. Since the act banned the production of currency by the colonies, the colonies, therefore, incurred high costs due to this shift of currency. The second act introduced was the Stamp Act that required many printed materials in the colonies be produ...
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