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The Idea of American Liberty? (Essay Sample)

One collection of documents on American history to civil war bears the title, The Boisterous Sea of Liberty. - Discuss the idea of liberty from the first European settlemt to Reconstruction. - What did liberty mean to Americans as colonists? - Did its meaning change over time, and, if so, how? - What did it mean for Americans in all sections of the country between the Revolution and the Civil War? *find the attachment file for the reading material. source..

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(December 12, 2011)
The Idea of American Liberty?
History speaks of how America was shaped by events that took place; indeed it helps people understand where they come from. It gives the society an identity in that they know where they come from and where they are going. Events such as the England and Napoleonic Wars give a vivid picture of the great and significant issues in history (Davis & Mintz 1998). This paper tackles the idea of liberty from the first European settlement to Reconstruction as given in the Boisterous Sea of Liberty; and whether it meant change of time and what it means to Americans.
The Boisterous Sea of Liberty talks about Americans and their struggles of racism, politics and culture. The first part deals with the first encounter which includes giving the meaning of America. This was during the Stone Age before industrialization when iron and steel weapons were widely used (Paul, 2010). It gives about the history makers such as Christopher Columbus and his letters to the sovereigns during the first voyage. It also introduces the era of slavery when need for labor was in great demand he quotes “with fifty men they can all be subjugated and made to do what is required of them”. His idea of the new world fantasies reignite the idea of the new world order in American history where slavery and slave trade increased tremendously in the region. It is the era of Negroes. This is a significant part in the life of America as it was the introduction of slaves from other regions of west and central Africa to be slaves in plantations (Nash & Jeffrey 2010). This lead to the Negro race and continued to be an important issue since it caused the great civil rights activism groups fighting against slavery and racism.
The second part is the European colonization of North of Mexico; this describes the kings of spain, and Richard Hakluyt who led the great western discoveries and the changes they made. This was a turning point for America as this was when Europe scrambled to colonize the lands. Explorers from England started their settlements in different states such as Virginia and colonized the lands (Shapiro, 2006). The explorers were responsible for the present American society in view of the fact that they introduced civilization which is built on by the society of today and the systems continue to work. In addition slavery intensified where the laws became barbaric and strict for them. The slaves bore children that formed several generations that continued to be exploited and maintained in successive slavery and hard labor. This history is very essential to the African American communities since it helps them understand their origin and how they came to be in the continent that was metropolitan. The slaves were subjected to servitude while the idea of class and roles took center stage in the late 1620s and 30s (Dwight, 1833). The society had the ri...
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