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History 112. Difference and Similarity between Trump and Jackson (Essay Sample)


Difference and similarity between Donald Trump and Jackson


History 112 Writing Assignment (2 and 3)
Trump v. Jackson
ASSIGNMENT: Write a short paper comparing/contrasting President Donald Trump and President Andrew Jackson. Using not only policies but also character traits how are these two men similar and how are they different.
SOURCES: Chapter 10 of the textbook is a good source for Jackson but there arc also plenty of sources online for both men. It is not necessary to cite the sources (unless you use direct quotes from them) but if you do just include them at the bottom of the paper.
FORMAT: Must be typewritten and double-spaced. It should be at least ONE (1) page but not more than three (3) pages.


Similarities and Differences
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February 5, 2020
Just a few years ago, several articles describing Presidents Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson as interestingly similar, have been widely circulated throughout the net. While most of these different characteristics have focused on their personalities, a lot of these descriptions also show that both of these personalities have a lot in common when it comes to the way they rule the State. In this article, the author would discuss some of the contrasting differences between these two personalities in the political arena of the United States. All in all, the author believes that looking at their traits and approaches as well as their political orientation would give a better idea as to why people have seen them as similar to one another.

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