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Origins (Essay Sample)

I have to write a short personal essay of three full pages length, typed, double spaced. It should have a central thesis and the discussion should elaborate, and explain about the thesis. It should be logical, grammatical and cohesive. The essay should speak about my origins. Such as who am I, where do I come from? How did i get to be me? How do I define myself? At what point in life I understand that am unique? and part of a larger community? etc... how did it begin? I should focus on 2 key aspects and give examples i dont have to be very personal about it. Some criteria that i might consider to help define the origins are: ( choose only two) family, place where i live or born, religion, personal challenge, aspect of culture which have shaped me, skills, particular moment that shaped the understanding of the world, languages, creative hobbies, personal values or ethics or philosophy, generation characteristics, talent, travel, sports, human or animal rights. I am from the United Arab Emirates, born and lived their. I like traveling a lot I have been almost everywhere. I speak arabic, english, sapnish, french. my hobbies are horse riding, drawing, gun shooting and poetry. I study International Studies and this course is about world cultures. If you need information about myself let me know by email please thanks. source..

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(17 September 2011)
Life is always a mystery where we aim to discover ourselves, everyone has a unique feature and life presents us with the opportunity to live and discover it as it unfolds. I am a hardworking student in college and have always aimed to have the best in life; this aim always gives me the inspiration to live and see the next day. In addition, I always try to make the best out of life in living life at its fullest. It has been my interest to study the culture of people and I am a student of international studies specializing in world cultures. This paper is a personal essay that describes my origin and my life; it describes who I am; where I come from, how I got to be where I am, and how I came to understand my unique traits. In this essay I explain how family and creative hobbies has helped me define my life.
I am from the United Arab Emirates (UAE); and I was born and lived there in my childhood. I have a great family and grew in a family set-up with very caring parents and siblings. The United Arab Emirates is a country that has diverse and different cultures. It is a metropolis with small ethnic communities and nationalities; with the Emirati culture being very dominant. The Emirati is a mixture of the Islamic religion, the Arabic traditions and Bedouin culture. Most of the people in the UAE are Islamic in religion and hence the lifestyle, music art, and attire is mainly dominated and influenced by the Islamic faith. I am a staunch Muslim and follow the doctrines that were passed by my father to me; my family and I are also very staunch followers and this faith has helped us to be who we are.
My life has been greatly transformed by my family; this started in my teenage years. I would love travelling with my family to visits major cities in the UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Dibba, and Khor Rakkan and other major areas to see the major attractions. I have also been to almost all areas of the world and travelled to many countries such as France, Spain, United Kingdom, and Israel. This has shaped my life sin...
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