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American History Question (Essay Sample)

This is not an eassy, just answer the question about American History. source..
Journal 7 Journal 7 Full names Instructor Course details Date In what ways did the student protest movements and civil rights campaigns of the 1960's arise out of the generally placid decade of the 1950's? In the United States, certain groups were notably left out in the new found freedom in the mid 20th century. Although America had initiated the right of suffrage which intended one to make self decisions, the youth were declared incapable of exercising political power during the post WW11 period (Foner, 1997). Additionally, liberty in public sphere did not extended to the private life of students whose rights were relinquished in certain domains of their lives including leadership. Unlike the 1950's, the 1960's were characterized by obsession for equality however emanating down from students protest's, movements and civil rights campaigns (Foner, 1997). Students who were segregated in numerous aspects during the time of J.F Kennedy got the right to express their rights at this time. This movements arose from the increased prevalence on racism throughout the society in the 1950's even in theatrical presentations in which African Americans students were depicted as stupid, dishonest or ridiculous with various stereotypes attached to them. This cautious way of thinking led to a philosophy of racial superiority and inferiority among the students of America. The students abolitionist movement of the 1960's made significant progress in American society in more ways than one. This movement not only reinforced but also challenged the concept of freedom. The protests rejected the notion of wage slavery that had been fueled by the era’s labor movement. They also contested the deprivation of the right to self ownership of the black students insisting that the right to personal freedom surpassed other forms of freedom (Foner, 1997). This movement also sought to revive the idea of freedom as a truly general entitlement. Consequently, the students protests developed an alternative view of constitutional law based on t...
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