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Research Assignment: Describe American Ethnic History (Essay Sample)


Write a thesis statement in the beginning of the essay Breadgivers offers a look at the experience of a Jewish immigrant woman in the early 1900s and 1920s. Although it is fiction, the woman who wrote it took some of the story from her own life. What can we learn about the struggle to become "American" in the 1920s from the book? Discuss at least three of the following issues: conflict between generations, the conflict between religious traditions brought from the Old Country and the challenges to those traditions in the US, the tension between gender roles in the Old Country and the United States in the 1920s, economic opportunities and challenges and how they offered ways to become "American," and the difference between expectations for romantic relationships in the Old World and the New World. Use examples from the book to illustrate and support your ideas but avoid providing a summary of the novel. Reference Book citations and page numbers (Yezierska, Anzia. Breadgivers)


American Ethnic History
Student’s Name
American Ethnic History
Bread Givers is a fictional book that offers the experience of a Jewish immigrant woman who lived in the early 1900s. In the book, Yezierska, (1984), has involved her real life experiences. There is much to be learned from the book about the struggle of becoming American. The struggle to become American involved conflict between generations, tension in the change of gender roles in the Old Country and the United States and different opportunities and challenges. This paper will attempt to discuss these struggles as seen in the book Bread Givers.
For the case of conflict between generations, Yezierska, (1984), has showed this through the relationship of Sara and her father. For Sara, her life is caught between the world of her family’s life which is the way of the Old World and her search for Americanization. As Sara grew up, she saw her sisters go through hopelessness and heart breaks because their father was not able to adjust to the ways of the new world they lived. Sara left her home so as to find her world. Before she left, her father con...
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