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Cultural Activity Report: Amadeus Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


You can watch this play, and adaptation of the show 'Amadeus'(YOU CAN FIND IT ON YOU TUBE) and write your paper based on this show. Now, this is not a Broadway show, it is a community theater presentation from a local university near where I live (I actually taught most of the people in this show). Just pretend that you are going to this play at the theater, get some popcorn and watch (the show is over two hours, so relax and enjoy), To brief you a bit on this show it presents the dilemma of the composer Antonio Salieri (played by Robert Kowalewski), who is good at his work and well known, but then he meets the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (played by Logan Williams) and he realizes his own mediocrity compared to the true genius of Mozart. Salieri then schemes to destroy Mozart, while at the same time being the only one who fully understands the true magnificence and brilliance of his rival. For your assignment, watch the show (just click on the video links below, I would not recommend trying to view this on a phone or tablet, it will work best on a computer) and then write a 2 page essay in which you tell me about the play, describing the plot and flow of the show (so I know you watched it) and then critique the show; did you like it? Did you enjoy the actors? etc. Remember, this is just a local community theater show, and you should assess it accordingly. Please make sure you watch it (you do not need to do any outside reasearch), using Google or Wikipedia will not help you with this assignment since their production is unique and different. Just enjoy a fun evening of watching live theater and write your paper on the show:


Cultural Activity Report:
Presented by (Student name)
HUM 111
Cultural Activity Report
For my cultural activity assignment, I decided to use the alternative assignment that involved the Amadeus play. I could not comfortably attend a cultural event within my area that suits this chapter better than the play. Amadeus is a community theater presentation. In the play, Robert Kowalewski is played by Antonio Salieri while Logan Williams plays Amadeus Mozart. For this report, I will describe the play and lay my opinion later on. Most of the play is narrated by Salieri. Amadeus starts with whispers from all over about the “assassin” and Salieri. This link alerts everyone that Salieri was involved in assassinating Mozart using Poison (Shaked, 2015).
Salieri is retired from working for Emperor Joseph II as a court composer and is of old age. As the crowd mutter, Salieri starts to speak to them promising to explain to them why he had to poison Mozart. Salieri takes the audience out of chronological order by going back to eighteen century; he changes his hair and robe. Now in his early days, performing his earlier role, Salieri is giving instructions to someone, a young lady on singing (Amadeus Part 1, n.d.). He explains how he has failed to touch her apart from pushing her diaphragm as a part of the instructions on the grounds that he is married. Salieri has dismissed all his servants leaving only two servants with him, the one who shaves him and one for cooking purposes.
Despite hearing a lot about Mozart the child prodigy, Salieri is yet to meet him. However, Salieri has two trusted “Whines” as he calls them, who snoop around the town. These “spies' collect gossips and then report back to him (Shaked, 2015). One of the days, as they tour around, they get news that Mozart will be in town soon and report back to Mozart. In turn, Salieri opines to be nervous about the arrival. Moreover, his “spies” discover that Mozart will be visiting the house of Barone

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