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An Indigenous Peoples' History Of The United State (Essay Sample)


Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States (Beacon Press, Boston, MA, 2015.) Ch. 78 – pp. 132
1.What are the main arguments of the authors?
2.What conclusions can you draw by putting the authors in conversation with each other?
3.What questions haven't the authors answered yet?
4.What are some critiques of their arguments can you offer?
5.Do you agree or disagree with the authors?
3 sources from book and three different sources 


An Indigenous People's History of the United State
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Main Arguments
The main arguments of the author are the facts that the American historical record is based on the different narratives that talk about colonialism, American exceptionalism, and revolution. Dunbar-Ortiz provides an argument regarding the colonialist settler state by using an indigenous perspective in order to highlight the fact that the United States of America is a combination of people from different backgrounds. The author outlines arguments on the topic of settler colonialism as the main cause of the genocidal policy of the United States of America (Bauer, 2015). It is nearly impossible to write about the history of the American people without the inclusion of an acknowledgment of the indigenous people.
Dunbar disputes the myth of conquered natives and free people by arguing that the nation lacks a colonial framework. It is due to the same reason that most of the historical authors do not recognize the indigenous history of the United States of America. In her argument, historians have the obligation of treating the subject on colonialism as an ongoing process and not just a description of the America's past history. She states that the current situation of the nation is as a result of the genocidal land grab that was one-sided and, in order to understand the history, we must accept the existence of such genocidal tendencies in the current world. The settler colonialism is inclusive of any form of the American expansion which resulted in the forceful extermination of Native people and a justification for activities like the cultural genocide. Her arguments regarding the settler colonialism are backed up by various historical events such as the Wounded Knee Massacre (Dunbar-Ortiz, 2014). 
Drawn Conclusions
In regard to the author's conversations, it can be concluded that colonialism is still taking place in the United States of America given the different indigenous people that live in that nation. As well, many historical authors have ignored this part of the American history and there is a great need for it to be included in the learning curriculum of the American students. The policies that were made against the indigenous people were aimed at seizing the territories of the indigenous inhabitants and this policy was greatly supported throughout the history of America. A good example is a statement that was written by the US Army general Thomas in the year 1836 that the country can only be rid of t

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