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Tools, Methods And Techniques Discussion (Essay Sample)


Data Collection: Interviews, Questionnaires and Observations
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During Systems Analysis, it very easy to become quickly immersed in the process of analysis, modeling and diagramming. However, critical to the successful outcome of everything that we do with data is the process of sufficiently and accurately and collecting it. Accordingly, proper selection, use, and application of data collection tools is critical to obtaining good proper data.
Based on the background material, your personal experience and other technical sources of scholarly information, what are some of the most serious mistakes that can be made by analyst when collecting data?
What are the implications?
What can be done to avoid them?


Tools, Methods and Techniques Discussion
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Tools, Methods and Techniques Discussion
Mistakes that can be made by analysts when collecting data
Mistakes are the primary steps of learning. However, ignoring mistakes often ends up in countless blunders be it in the workplace or research institutions. It is a serious issue among data analysts during the process of field data collection as this can interfere with the entire process of data analysis and it may cause significant challenges for project managers, engineers, and other employees. There are some possible mistakes that one may commit while collecting data. Some of these mistakes include lack of knowledge of collection process, especially if all field workers are not aware of the actual procedure that needs to be followed. This ultimately results in each team member coming up with different data (Krueger, 2009). Collection of vague or self-interpreted data by workers will make the process of conducting field data collection vague.

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