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Professional Goals & Lifelong Learning Plan (Essay Sample)


Develop a plan for yourself for life long learning and continued professional development. The plan should include the following:
3 short-term goals for transition into practice
3 long-term goals for professional development
Include a specific plan that reveals how you anticipate reaching these goals, resources that you will use, and levels of nursing where you desire to be. Be sure to discuss how you will continue in your professional development throughout your career.
The goals should be timed, measurable, and realistic. Focus on the work environment that you hope to be in after you obtain your license and how this environment would help you to formulate your goals.
This is me: I am a graduating nurse. The work environment that I hope to work after I obtain my license is the nursing home. I love taking care of the elderly people. And soon I will proceed to the Bachelor Degree of Nursing while I am working at the nursing home.
In answering the 3 short term goal and 3 long term goal you put it in bulleted so that it is clearer to the reader. One of my short-term career goals consist of successfully passing the national board exam for the first time. Once this is accomplished, I hope to be work on a nursing home. I have chosen nursing home because I love working with the elderly population and also, as a starting point because this particular field will help me to develop my clinical skills. One of my long term goal is, I hope to be an active member in the profession of nursing, joining the American Nurses Association, attending seminars and lobbying for the advancement of nurses to prescribe medication independently. Hopefully within the next five years or so I will have a degree as an advanced practice nurse in the field of family healthcare and be working abroad and apply as a volunteer nurse in the United Nation (UN) to help those third world country's or country's under war like Iraq and Afghanistan. This country's needs UN nurses not just like soldiers but also nursing to help the sick who are disperse during war.


Lifelong Learning Plan
Author Name
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The rate of progress in medical sciences is very high. The more things a nurse discovers, the higher are her chances of getting success. I am a graduating nurse, and I have always dreamed of becoming a successful and popular nurse after obtaining my license. I like looking after the elderly people, the ones who have no family support and are often left helpless. I have plans to apply for a job at the nursing home, and meanwhile, I will proceed to the Bachelor Degree of Nursing because I believe that this degree will help me gain sufficient knowledge and improve my communication and interpersonal skills.
Short-term goals
* My first short-term goal is passing the national board exam with good grades. For this, I will work really hard and will devote myself fully to the profession.
* Another short-term career goal is to develop my clinical skills. For this purpose, I have decided to interact with other doctors and nurses on a regular basis, and believe that this won't take lots of time, a few months or a maximum of one year will be enough.
* Thirdly, I want to begin earning as soon as possible because I will obviously need money to raise my family. However, money is not more important to me than serving the humanity.
Long-term goals
* I want to actively join the American Nurses Association, attend seminars and conferences, and lobby for the advancement of all nurses so that th

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