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Supporting childrens Health. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Hello and thanks, I have the welcome letter one is not needed.
As an early childhood professional, building a home–school connection is an important
part of teaching and learning. As we teach children about healthy lifestyles, nutrition,
safety, and wellness we must also offer support and education to families at home. This
graded project involves developing a “Healthy Bag” to be sent home each week with a
different child throughout the school year. It should contain important ideas and activities
that provide the families and children with knowledge about becoming and staying
healthy and fit. These bags allow family members to be involved in a child’s learning.
This bag will include
* Informational materials about healthy living
* Recipes families can make at home
* Parent information
* Games
* Books
* Manipulatives
* Other resources that you deem appropriate or necessary
For this assignment only a written plan is required; however, you’re encouraged to create
this resource as you develop the plan. You may take pictures of the bag and the items in
your bag and upload if you wish.
As part of your plan, you’ll need
1. A bag (Be creative! Describe the bag even if you choose not to include a real one)
2. A letter explaining to the families what the bag is about and what activities are in
the bag, written in a family-friendly way
3. The contents of the bag, including materials in the following categories:
*Health. Describe an idea or make an activity/game that teaches a health
concept. For example, you may include a sorting game that has pictures of
sick or hurt children. The pictures can be sorted into two piles: “ok to go to
school” or “should stay home.”
* Wellness. Describe at least one game promoting wellness that the family
can play together.
* Nutrition. Suggest two to three recipes that are healthy and easy to cook
* Children’s Literature. Identify and describe two books that promote healthy
food choices.
*Activities. Suggest activities that families can do together. Include at least
five physical activities such as jumping rope, bike riding, walking, and so on.
* Additional Resources. Provide one resource that gives information on
healthy child development, exercising as a family, or something similar.
Make sure this is a credible source that families will find beneficial.
* (Optional) Pictures of your backpack if you choose to assemble one
In your essay, you’ll research and discuss the items and activities that you have chosen
to add to your “Healthy Bag.” In your essay, please also discuss
*What are the health risks that young children face in your community?
* Why you have chosen each particular item in your healthy bag?
* What health benefits are associated with each item?
* Why will each item be beneficial for the families you work with?
Include a APA reference page or Works Cited page for any websites that you used


Supporting Children’s Health
Author Name
University Name
A “Healthy Bag” is an excellent way for our child to say thank you for our attention, affection, love, and care. What to include in this bag? That is one of the most critical questions, but we don’t have to worry as we can divide the things into two categories: meal and activities.
* For their lunch, we can provide your children with sandwiches, fresh juice or milk bottles, homemade French fries, smoked chicken and other similar, healthy meals. We should never overwhelm their bag with junk foods and some unhealthy eatables.

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