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Key Player / Stakeholder In Political Health Policy In Your State (Essay Sample)


For a healthcare organization to be politically viable they must have influential stakeholders. In that, the stakeholders must understand limitations and be able to adopt accordingly. In a minimum of 250 words, discuss the following:
Highlight and present one key player/stakeholder (i.e., federal, state, or local) in political health policy in your state.
Choose two state/local/federal healthcare organizations. Then, compare and contrast their political viability in terms of one/more of their health polic(ies).
Apply the “method for analyzing political feasibility” as defined in Chapter 10 of your textbook to define your key player’s viability.


Analyzing Political Feasibility
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Analyzing Political Feasibility
1 Key player/stakeholder (i.e., federal, state, or local) in political health policy in your state:
A stakeholder is a group or an individual that has vested interest in either an organization or situation. Arguably, the state government plays a vital role in the healthcare field. In Georgia, most individuals are involved in the process of making relevant healthcare policies, especially in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2014). Although the CDC headquarters are located in Georgia, the center provides health-supporting research for people in different parts of the world. Robert R. Redfield, the CDC director, started a research initiative on flu vaccines because of increased mortality rates due to influenza. Accordingly, the information retrieved from the research by CDC has an influence on health policies in Georgia.
2 Choose two-state/local/federal healthcare organization. Then compare and contrast their political viability in terms of one/more of

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