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Patient Teaching Plan Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


I am to use a template provided by my college and instructions are given with template. I am to use information gathered from previous assignment Genetic Family History and Milestone 1. All will be sent as attachment. Content guidelines will be attached as well.


Patient Teaching Plan
Isabel Gutierrez
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR305 Health Assessment
Patient Teaching Plan
“I do not know why it had to be him. He was my everything! I hate Diabetes, I hate doctors that could not save him! I hate everything!” are some of the words that she said as she dashed out of the restaurant without paying her bills. She had just received a message that her husband was no more. I did not know the woman, but her statement made me curious. We do not always have to blame doctors when death claims a loved one. Most families are losing their loved ones to diabetes because they do not understand that this disease is manageable and preventable. I decided to research on diabetes as because I also want to understand this disease. According to World Health Organization (n.d.), most people are at risk of this disease because of their sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes type 2 has reached an epidemic level and there is a need for people to learn how to prevent and manage this disease. I developed an interest in this disease when I was taking the health history of client. After reading in Jarvis (2016) that diabetes type 2 is one of the risk factors of HTN, I decided to explore it so that I can help people understand it. The purpose of this teaching plan is to help people with diabetes type 2 take advantage of modifiable risk factor of sedentary lifestyle to manage and prevent this disease.

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