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Problem Solving, Nurse Administering, Wrong Mediation (Essay Sample)


Scenario #1: The nurse prepares medication for one of the patients in Room 102. After administering the medication, the nurse realizes the meds were given to the wrong patient. The nurse immediately reports the incident to the physician. Following this action, the nurse returns to the patient's room and informs and assesses the patient. The nurse completes an occurrence report and continues to monitor the patient for adverse reactions.
1. What problem-solving method was used?
2. What other problem-solving methods could have been included?
Scenario #2: Dante is the charge nurse on a busy medical floor. He has been informed by administration that his unit had failed to document adequately the weights of patients with CHF. Dante creates a new procedure for this documentation. He posts copies explaining the change in the break room. An in-service is conducted at 2:00 pm that day to explain further the importance of following the procedure. Dante assumes that the procedure is being followed. At the end of 3 months, Dante is surprised when his supervisor reveals the statistics. There was increased compliance in the week following the in-service, but within a few weeks, documentation had slipped to even lower levels than previously noted.
1. What error in the problem-solving process is Dante making?
2. What would be a strategy to remedy this error?


Scenario 1
In the case of the nurse administering the wrong mediation, this is an occurrence that is quite dangerous to the patient and presents a problem for the patient and the medical team involved. It is however, important to note that, after the nurse realizes the medication given to the patient is wrong, they inform the relevant physician. This is a crucial step in the mitigation of the problem relative to the fact that, there is need for a multidisciplinary approach (Hughes & Blegen, 2017). More than one medical practitioner are interacting with the patent and therefore it is important that they are informed to avoid further complications (Hughes & Blegen, 2017). At the same ti

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