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The Registered Nurse in Providing Support to a Couple Seeking Guidance (Essay Sample)


I need the essay to be at least 400 words, not including questions and references. I need all of the references used to be evidence-based findings within the past five years. Meaning all sources are dated from the year 2011 to current year. All sources must be based in the United States only! I need one of the sources to be from Pillitteri, A. (2014). Maternal & child health nursing. All sources need to have in-text citations throughout each of the answers. Please answer all questions accurately and provide evidence-based research findings. The assignment is as follows:
Screening tests for genetic issues can be performed in the first trimester, second trimester or both trimesters. Carrier testing is also an option performed prior to or during pregnancy. Carrier testing provides information as to whether one or both parents are carriers for certain inherited disorders. The results of these tests are used to determine an appropriate plan of care for the patient.
Genetic testing of the fetus and the parents offers both opportunities and ethical challenges. As a Registered Nurse, you need to be aware of your own feelings in order to provide non-biased professional support.
Base your initial post on your readings and research of this topic.
Compose a response to the following:
#1. Implications of genetic testing and the role of the registered nurse in providing support to a couple seeking guidance. Provide one example of how genetic testing is used in the perinatal setting. 
#2. Consider if the registered nurse has the right to refuse to care for patients who choose termination of pregnancy based on genetic testing when it conflicts with the ethics and values of the nurse. 
#3. Discuss how medical, economic, or psychosocial issues might impact decision making relative to genetic testing.


Ethics and Genetic Issue
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Ethics and Genetic Issues
Question 1
Implications of Genetic Testing
Implication of genetic testing is a matter of ethical, social and legal concern in the field of nursing. In other words, genetic testing has potential impacts on the patients being screened, members of their families and the society at large. In an ethical concern, genetic testing draws several ethical dilemmas such as patient consent (Greco, Tinley, & Seibert, 2015). For example, patients ought to be fully informed about the implications associated with genetic testing before they can provide Informed consent. Concerning social implications, the risk of stigma can be of huge impact to the patient especially when the test results leaks to the family members of the society (Greco, Tinley, & Seibert, 2015). Particularly, the information can go public when the patients is asked to change his or her behavior or way of life to minimize the risk of spreading the condition if the condition is communicable. A legal implications arises when the patient’s privacy is violated. The privacy of the patient’s testing results is a huge concern: particularly, the dilemma arises on determining who ought to have or needs access to that information (Greco, Tinley, & Seibert, 2015). Thus, to protect the genetic testing results and prevent its inclusion in a patient&rsq...
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