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There Is No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster Discussion (Essay Sample)


QUESTION: There is no such thing as a natural disaster. Man always has a hand in disasters that are even caused by natural forces. Critically discuss this statement. Back your response with examples.
The paper should have the following components:
1.introduction- a brief description of the main ideas to be discussed in your paper.
2. Body- discussion of main ideas in answer to the question.
3.Conclusion- summary of what you discussed.
4. Write in your own words.


There Is No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster Discussion
There Is No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster Discussion
It is apparent that disasters have been witnessed from the past to present times. Based on the extent of damage, disasters have been classified either as natural or man-made by many scholars given that they cut across different fields. The occurrences of disasters vary considerably depending on the source of influence or location (Michael et al, 2009). In the past, studies about disasters were characterized by distinction either as man-made or natural. However, the reality is that human beings have always had a hand in the occurrences of disasters, no matter what really causes any disaster (George & Scott, 2008). For that reason, all disasters trace back to the influence of mankind. Therefore, this study is meant to critically discuss the concept of humanity in relations to disasters and how the actions of human being are connected to natural forces behind the happening of disasters.
Human Activities and Fields Associated with Disasters
Human geography is concerned with the study of all human activities and their relationship with the environment. The discipline combines economic and cultural geography to explore the relationship between the natural environment and human beings. This concept is referred to as cultural geography. It is also concerned with the study of all cultural aspects found all over the world, and how they may relate to the places and space including their origin. Human geography like other economic, political, social and cultural disciplines touches and emphasizes on the interaction of human activities and the environment that surrounds them. Such aspects may include immigration, demographics, language, religion, art, music, farming and health. In his study Carl Sauer the founder of human geography realized that both human culture and the landscape develop as a result of interaction between the two. The two enjoy mutual benefits which in either way may affect the functioning of the other including disasters (Kruger, Bankoff, Cannon, Orlowski & Schipper, 2015).
According to Erin et al (2009), socio cultural practices are the core part of human geography. They cover human interaction with the environment. Some important aspects include the religion, culture, language, medicine, cities and entertainment as a result of modernization and industrialization. There are different cultures presented by different communities in the world which differ from one region to another. These cultures may be defined by the environments where they live, whereas disasters also vary from one region to another. Cultural landscapes are crucial when studying disasters. They link the physical environment where man lives and the culture depicts the day to day operations, which affect the natural functioning of the ecosystem. In addition, knowingly or unknowingly human activities always have a hand in the occurrence of disasters that are caused by natural forces. This is very important as the interactions may nurture or hinder development of various aspects of culture. As per Kruger, Bankoff, Cannon, Orlowski and Schipper (2015) study, people living in the rural areas are more tied to the environment than those living in urban areas. This means that in rural areas people are more dependant to the natural environment which they are mutually tied onto. For instance, in remote areas of Africa and some parts of Asia, people use the natural forest as a source of firewood and timber which leads to the dissertation hence occurrence of drought and famine consequently. On the other hand, Language helps in integrating culture to different places in the world (Erin et al, 2009). Today, human migration and search of better opportunities has been aided by s...

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