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How to Stop Bullying in School: Six Things You Can Do as a Concerned Parent (Essay Sample)


To develop your ideas about a selected topic, conduct an Internet search to find at least two articles that have been posted in the last month on one of the topics (i.e., bullying). The goal is to find articles that take clear positions on the topic. Include the name of the article, author, and URL. In addition, provide a brief summary of the articles and a reflection that describes your reaction to the angle's shared and the debate.


How to Stop Bullying in School: Six Things You Can Do as a Concerned Parent
By Katherine Lee
Katherine Lee in her article how to stop bullying in school, addresses one of the view pints that most other writers haven't appreciated the significance. There is a part that parent can play in this social problem of bullying in schools. This is an approach that is quite significant given the impact that bullying has on parents. She starts off the article by sensitizing the readers that they need to take firm action against the vice that is taking the school by storm. Children that are bullied in school tend to carry this impacts into their old age and it affects the personality and ability to function as normal human beings. In her article Lee indicates that in most of the cases the kids that are targeted are those that have some element of disability, obese or those that have some challenges in school or in making friend within the social circles. Bullies will pick on kid simply because his or her name sounds funny to them and this is a way of making sure that they elevate their status. The rest of the children will take part in the hope of being accepted in the social circle, lest they become victims too. It is this fear that cause some of the victims to become aggressive. As a parent Lee indicates that one should stay close to their child and look for signs. This helps to capture the problem early on and establish caution. She also mentions that parents should explain to their children what to do when they experience the bullying elements also lead by example. These are significant inputs and they go a long way in getting the parent involved in providing a lasting solution to a ch

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