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Health Education Topic Paper Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Health Education Topic Paper
Select a health education topic from the list below to explore. If you have an interest in another health education topic, seek approval of your topic from the instructor.
Cultural approaches to patient teaching or health promotion
If the topic you choose entails “patient teaching or health promotion”, pick whether you want to write it in a more focused, narrow way (patient education/teaching, occurring day-to-day at your work setting) or a boarder sense (health promotion programs/campaigns).
Conduct a literature search for information about the health education topic. The chosen articles must be peer-reviewed and current within 7 years, unless they are considered as “classic” articles (rare, widely used, with no additional updates on the issue).
Present key information about the topic as appropriate (e.g., definition, overview/background, significance, scope or impact of the chosen topic) in a scholarly paper.
Use your chosen target population as an example when appropriate. Writing the topic in general (with various populations) can also be done as long as it is concise and comprehensive.
Discuss the topic in relationship to nursing health promotion or teaching of clients. Apply your findings to your nursing roles by proposing what you (nurses) can do in order to enhance health promotion or patient teaching.
Length: 9 pages (excluding the title and reference pages).
APA 6th Edition format with at least 5 current peer-reviewed journal articles. Textbooks can be used. However, they are not “peer-reviewed articles”.


Cultural Approaches to Patient Teaching or Health Promotion
Due Date
Cultural Approaches to Patient Teaching or Health Promotion
Cultural diversity in the United States and around the world poses various challenges to the global health care system's interventions to provide quality and safe care services to patients. The global community as a whole comprises of people from different social, political, and economic backgrounds and thus contributing to the equally diverse attitudes and approaches towards matters of health at both the individual and collective levels. The outlined aspects play a significant role in determining the cultural orientation of an individual and the community as a whole. The distinct cultural orientations are dependent on the equally diverse beliefs, values, and ideologies shared by a group of people, which further play an integral part in determining how individuals, as well as societies, perceive and deal with their health care needs or concerns. The cultural oriented perceptions and attitudes towards health care needs and concerns call for the application of effective interventions towards patient education and health promotion. The provision of quality health care is dependent on the application of comprehensive interventional measures that incorporates the influence of cultural diversity towards the delivery of the same. Reducing disparities in the delivery of health care services across the social divides within societies in the United States and around the world depends on the application of a culturally competent interventional measure in the delivery of health care services. It is, therefore, important to highlight some of the effective cultural approaches for addressing the disparities witnessed in the delivery of health care services to patients across the different cultural orientations. Such interventional measures function to increase the patients' awareness of their health care needs and concerns through health promotion as well as enhancing nursing education. As primary care providers, nurses have a significant role to play in ensuring that patients receive quality health care irrespective of their cultural or social background.

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