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Alzheimer’s Disease. Gerontology Issues Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


please choose a topic you interest in, it can be communication, dementia, Alzheimer any issues related to the elderly. please use 5 peer review scholarly article should be cite correctly in APA format. please strictly follow the attached guideline. An outline is due on Monday 3/25/2019. please let me know if you have any questions. thank you.


Life Care or Geriatric Issue Paper  Guidelines:


  • Introduction:   identify topic, context with gerontology, its significance.   you might introduce it with a case study, literature piece that exemplifies your issue ;  why should nursing be concerned with this issue?    2 p


  • Impact of issue on society and health care:   this may require statistics, or demographics to demonstrate information on number of people affected, what are the consequences, costs both physically and psychologically on individuals, families, and society 4 p



  • Identify 2 aging theories and /or GNEC core competencies, and discuss how both are relevant, and how they assist you in understanding the topic issue and related research and how these theories assisted you in developing solutions. 2 p     (cite sources) 


  • Nursing role: This section is NOT the same as potential solutions……  discuss how nursing is influenced or impacted upon by this issue, for instance, how must nurses adjust their patient care?,  how might available resources be stressed? Etc…..  2 p



  • Potential solutions:  what are ways that nursing professionals can work to resolve, restore and /or prevent  this concern? ? How does your solution correlate with 2 or more of the GNEC core competencies of gerontological practice?  (state each and discuss)   How do you see this in the future?  In actual practice, In research? 4 p


  • Conclusions/ summary of your important points    1.5 p
  • References :   sources must be appropriate to the topic and under 5 years old.  These peer-reviewed/ scholarly resources should be used to support your discussions and integrated in the sections  of your paper.  A total of 5 peer-reviewed/ scholarly articles are required.   You may use an authentic website in place of one article. All references used must be cited including theories, competencies and literature. 3 p
  • ******For written work:  APA style,  writing style, flow , clarity and organization of paper, include title and reference page, 7-8 pages .  Proper APA citations for in-text and reference page.  PROVIDE HEADINGS FOR EACH SECTION: ie:   Introduction,  Societal Impact……….  1.5 p 


  • Total :  20 points


  • A note about APA format:   should be appropriate, and correct style, with proper citations for BOTH paraphrased and quoted citations.   Be certain for each, to give credit to authors and their words and ideas.  Be mindful of rules pertaining to Plagiarism and Hartwick’s Academic Honesty Policy.


  • Grading rubrics will be posted in D2L.


  • PAPER outline due:   3/15/19  




Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s disease
The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s illness causes memory loss and other mental abilities sufficient enough to disrupt with daily life. A situation of a fifty-seven-year-old male patient happened when the patient visited the dispensary clinic, with complaints of progressive cognitive decrease which had begun three years earlier. Operating as an industrial researcher, he started making severe calculation errors that forced him to resign the job and start operating as a manager in a firm. However, his usual forgetfulness, along with irritation in late memory incapacities obstructed him from accomplishing his roles, forcing him to change jobs repeatedly. Apathy and Apraxia had started two years prior to his visit to the clinic, and confusion to person and time was worsened to an extent which it became difficult to move daily between his home and workplace. At the time of his visit to the clinic, not only was he discharged from his job, but he frequently required a reminder from his family to sustain hygiene. His sleep disruption became notable, occasionally waking in the middle of the night self-talking. From the patient’s case, it is important for researchers to resume researching for ways of treating and preventing Alzheimer’s disease, and also nurses should continue learning how to be more efficient in dementia and Alzheimer’s care. Alzheimer’s disease affects the society and health care in some ways such as care, cost of treatment and support, and also influences the nursing role especially in health care.

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