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Federalism in the U.S. Healthcare (Essay Sample)


Examine the historical role of the executive branch in women’s health care policy. What influence has this branch made on the current state of women’s health in the United States? How has this role (and influence) changed over time? Which branch of government (executive, judicial, and legislative) and level of government (federal or state) should have the largest role in women’s health care?


Federalism in the U.S. Healthcare: Role of the Executive Branch in Women's Health Care Policy
Role of the executive branch in women's health care policy
The executive branch forms part of the government but has the higher authority and handles the daily administration of the country. Its main role is to enforce laws.The executive branch is further divided into separate branches including the president, cabinet of ministers, and administrative agencies. Executive branch plays a significant role in policy formulation at the state levels in several ways. It proposes legislation, appeals directly to the people; appoint officials to carry out the laws like departments, agencies and regulatory groups. In many ways, the executive branch is better placed to assemble all the needed arguments necessary in formulation of sound health policies. Health policy is meant to promote the health of an individual especially women. This includes respecting human rights. The executive branch of the government has powers to develop, shape and expand policies using the executive orders, rule-making process and offer interpretive guidance (Cunningham, 2000).Influence of the executive branch made on the current state of women's health in the United States
One of the key roles the executive branch have influenced the women health policy is by establishing the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Some of the guild lines according to EEOC prohibit...
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