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Leadership Styles and Development (Essay Sample)


TOPIC 1 DQ’S Please answer separately 
Module 1 DQ 1
Identify and discuss the six trait characteristics in the trait approach to leadership. If one does not have these traits, can he or she still be a leader? Explain your position.
Module 1 DQ 2
Think of a recent boss you have had. Were they more of a manager or a leader? Was this appropriate for their role? And how did it impact you as a follower?
What did you learn about the trait approach in leadership?


Leadership Styles and Development
Leadership Styles and Development
Module 1 DQ 1
Leadership can be termed as a process of influencing people to achieve certain similar goals (Northouse, 2004). Leadership can be termed successful or not, based on certain factors especially the style of leadership applied by the leader and the leader’s traits. A leader is an individual within a group that has been given the opportunity to exercise his interpersonal influence on other group members by directing all efforts towards the set goals. According to Northouse (2004), leadership is about traits because some individuals within the society possess certain qualities that make them leaders. Leadership is a trait, and certain people in society possess unique and innate qualities that make them leaders (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991).
Trait Characteristics in the Trait Approach To Leadership
A trait refers to an individual’s character; this includes one's behavior patterns, motives or what he is capable of doing. Trait approach to leadership do not consider the fact that traits can be acquired or inherited, but looks at the fact that there are certain people who possess different characteristics making them fit to be leaders. Leaders with certain requisite traits are capable of taking actions that result to success in any endeavor, for example, one setting goals and directing all his energy to achieve the desired objectives. Possessing certain traits drives people closer to success (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991).
Some of the traits needed to be a leader include having the desire to lead, having the drive, being honest, having self-confidence, posse’s cognitive ability and being knowledgeable. Traits matters a lot in leadership; if one does not have certain traits he cannot be a leader. Being an effective leader means being proactive. Such leaders take actions and are more decisive as compared to non-leaders who wait for things to happen. In addition one of the most important traits that a leader should possess is ambition. Ambition drives leaders to take steps towards the direction of achieving success. Without this trait, one canno...
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